Aug 5, 2010

I could not decide what to name this post. 
There are a few good titles that are appropriate.

All Jacked Up

Hit the Road Jack

Jack Fell Down and Broke His Crown

Jack the Ripper

(brand new Jacks worn twice)


Car Jacked

Jack on the Rocks
(My Jacks are sitting on the counter top, up and out of the way.)

"You Can't Handle the Truth"
Charlie thought that a quote FROM a Jack was appropriate .

Lola has no comment and is pleading the fifth.

We will be glad when this puppyhood stage is over.

Anyone have connections with Jack Rogers?
If so you are my new best friend! :)


MCW said...

LOL! I like "all jacked up!"
I got my Jack's on ebay for I think a little less then $75...

Linda said...

Such a cute post!

Although the puppy stage can be so frustrating, how can you stay mad at those 2 cute faces!?!

rachel... said...

I vote for "Jacked Up". And this looks like a perfect excuse to go shopping.

Joyce said...

Aaaagh! Good thing they are so cute!

Bitter apple spray worked on my furniture with our previous dog who was a chewer. I don't know what it would do to your shoes though?

Our current pup never chewed anything. Of course she has other bad habits but she's not a chewer : )

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

My Jacks are getting worn out from wear, not dogs. I love them!! I'm so sorry about the dogs chewing up the shoes, and like you said, I know you will be glad for the puppy stage to hurry up and get over. Sorry, I don't have any connections to Jack Rogers. Wish I did!! Love & blessings from NC!

Love Being A Nonny said...

UMMMM, because I am not an animal lover (sorry) I would have been so mad!! :) I know, they are so cute though!!!!

Don't have a JR connection. Wish I daughter would be so happy! Were those YOURS, or one of the girls?

Leelee said...

Love, love your blog....see so much of my own life...makes me feel not so bizarre...I posted a while back that I looked around and realized that we have FOUR pair of gold Jack Rogers sandals...all the girls, me too, wear them more than any others...and all of our toes were painted OPI Strawberry Margarita that day....if one of our 4 dogs captured a treasured sandal, it would be WAR!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Omg..your poor shoes...omg your poor grounded pups! How are you? Ive been in and out of blogs busy unpacking! I hope you and your family are having a wonderful summer.

Carrie B said...

Oh dear. Yep, good thing these guys are so cute!
Okay, true confession here... never heard of Jack Rogers! Must be an East Coast thing. They are super cute though. And, I notice they come in size 5! I might have to start the trend out here yonder. what color?....

preppyplayer said...

puppy-jacked for sure!