Jan 4, 2020

Switzerland: Part 3


We stayed in the small village of Lauterbrunnen while in the Alps. 
It was the most perfect little Swiss village with its gingerbread chalets, lush green pastures with cows, 
windy paths and surrounded by snow capped mountains. 

Every chalet was the traditional style with ornamental cutouts and window and rail boxes stuffed with  
Geraniums that were mostly red. 

We stayed at the Hotel Silberhorn. 

We had a vey comfortable room with the most amazing view of one of the many waterfalls in Lauterbrunnen. We slept with the door opened listened to them overnight. 

Same pictures taken different times of the day. It was so pretty I couldn't stop taking pictures from our balcony.  

Hubs and I were really tired when we got to Lauterbrunnen and once we saw the wood burning pizza oven in our hotel's restaurant we knew exactly what we were doing for dinner.....
pizza and wine on our balcony and then our first TV watching (in bed) since leaving home.

Just some more views.....

When we travel, I cannot pass up walking through the local cemetery or grocery store.
I know it may be weird, but I think there is a lot of local culture in both. 
Lauterbrunnen's cemetery was absolutely beautiful, each grave was a different flower garden maintained by the family. 

All of my 3 daughters love sauces and so this picture was for them. 
We do not this variety of Heinz sauces here in NC.

During our three days in Lauterbrunnen, we took walks down different paths after getting back from the other villages and tours. I feel like I am continually repeating myself, but there are no other words to describe what we saw,  it was all just so beautiful.

Here are some of the sights....

A few of the small farms had vending machines sitting on the side of the trail 
and were selling the cheeses they made. 


The top of a roof that was made of growing grass. We saw a lot of these. 

FYI, the Swiss slugs are huge!

squash and pumpkins growing on a mound

I was on a mission to find an authentic Swiss cow wearing a bell!
We heard bells ringing from a distance and kept following the trail until we found them!

We walked by the big waterfall that we could see from our room and realized you could walk up and go behind it in the rock. Let me tell you, it was quite a trek! We knew we were getting into something bad when we saw the barrel of hiking poles that were free to use.  

We definitely needed them after the first set of steps. 

We ate dinner in our hotel's small restaurant for our last meal in Switzerland.  
The menu was very simple and traditional Swiss. 

Swiss food is delicious, but very heavy on cheese, meat and potatoes.  I guess they burn off the calories with all of their trekking and activities. 
You can figure out what we had by looking at the pictures.

We said good bye to Switzerland and this beautiful view that night. 

We packed up and could not wait for our driver to pick us up bright and early.
Our next stop was Bellagio, Italy!

I will breaking from this story for a few posts and will be sharing our holidays,
and then, back to Italy!