Oct 28, 2011


I sure would have loved to have been a fly on the wall  porch yesterday.
I am not sure what these two were up to. 

Lola and Charlie sat side by side
with their fannies on the porch and their front paws on the step
for the longest time. 

Talking about the weather?

Watching squirrels?


Waiting for the UPS man?
He always brings snacks after all. 

Watching the day go by?

Waiting for naptime?

Oct 26, 2011


It was Homecoming last week at #3's school
and everyday was a different themed dress up day. 

One day I sent a little nerd to school.

Another day was Flashback Day.
While everyone was planning their hippie and 80's Flashdance look,
#3 had a totally different idea.

She wore my prom dress from the year 1980.
(I knew I kept that for a good reason!)

The bright blue eye shadow and corsage completed the outfit.

So did the hot rolled hair and barrette.

I think she looked better in the dress than I did!
She's bringing the gunny sack look back!

Oct 24, 2011


We had a beautiful weekend here. 
The weather was perfect and we had no soccer games on the calendar. 
The break is short lived though, we will be hitting the road this coming weekend for 
two out of town games. The end of the season is close, just a few more weekends to go.

I spent some time outside just enjoying the sun and the signs of fall.
The leaves are just starting to turn here. 
So finally the wreath on the door doesn't stand out like a sore thumb!

We have a few fall decorations outside....

of course mums...

and the deer have left them alone!!! 

But, take a good look at these pansies because they won't be around too long.

The deer LOVE them.
I am not sure why I plant them year after year.
I just get so caught up in how pretty they are.

It was a little warm for Skeeter, the frog that sits on the column out by the pool.
He broke out in a sweat yesterday!!

I did a little decorating in the house too.

I just did a little Halloween collection on the mantle, I have some turkeys and pilgrims that will replace those things next week (already!!!).

Jack Frost is out.

I tucked a few pumpkins...

 and gourds around the foyer...

and dining room.

Barrett's Halloween Tree is all smiles...

and my terra cotta jack o lanterns don't seem to mind sitting against the dirty kitchen window. 

I just love lighting their candles and watching how the light bounces off 
all of the nasty!
It is scary!

Oct 11, 2011


This one was on Fall Break....

and so we headed to the beach for a few days. October is a beautiful time there. It was warm enough to sit in the sun during the day but cool enough at night to open the windows. I rode my bike and walked on the beach every morning while #2 slept in. We went out to eat a few times and stayed in one night and cooked and watched TV.  And of course there was some shopping done! (There is an outlet mall forty five minutes away.)

#2 spent some time painting a cooler for a fraternity function. She really did a great job. We have all decided that she needs to paint us a family cooler instead of spending so much time on coolers for other people and giving them away.

When we got home we celebrated Art's birthday!!

(he took off his sling for pictures)

He requested his favorites......

country style steak...

and mashed potatoes made with Boursin Cheese. 

A Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake finished our dinner off.

It was delicious! 

Happy Birthday Honey!!