Jun 19, 2015

Graduation 15

Will I ever catch up here?

We finally have slowed down and are getting into the summer groove.  We have Senior Sunset, Graduation and Barrett's Senior Trip to Europe behind us.

Before leaving for graduation, we took some pictures in the front yard.

My aunt, my mom's sister came.

Graduation was held in the school's high school gym.

Me? No tears!   Sisters? Tears!  My girls are a mess!

Afterwards we came home and let Barrett open her graduation presents and then just hung out together....Family Time is my Favorite Time!

 Brooke painted her a ram (UNC Chapel Hill's mascot) and also painted Barrett in her prom dress.
Brooke is very talented and I am hoping  trying to persuade her to open an Etsy store!

The next day we hung out by the pool. It was so much fun having everyone together. I love how my girls and their guys choose to spend a lot of their time together.

 Giant Jenga has been a great investment!

This is how the Odoms snack!

That night we took Barrett to the Angus Barn for her graduation dinner. Such a great way to end the graduation weekend.