Jan 26, 2011


I am not sure how it happened, but #3 turned 14 on Saturday.

She was not interested in having a party, thank goodness, so we kept it low key and just made it her day.

Her dad started off "her day" by making homemade waffles. That's what she wanted and he was happy to oblige. He always makes pancakes or waffles when it is a special day or if someone is sleeping over.

For lunch we went to Sparians. It is a new bowling alley in a newer swanky area in town. It was awesome. I cannot even begin to describe the place and do it justice so check out the link. We had a long wait for an alley so we sat around the fireplace, watched one of the many big screen TVs and ate dill pickle chips.

I actually had fun bowling - even with The Man of the House!! Long story short... we went bowling on our third date - he corrected me and coached me everytime I picked up the ball and everytime I rolled the darn thing. I was really close to telling him to drop dead when he took me home, but didn't for some reason. I did tell him several dates later that I would never ever bowl with him again.

Over twenty four years later, I guess I ate my words on Saturday. (never say never, right?) He was (mostly) well behaved. He did start out wanting do give advice and tell everyone what they were doing wrong until we all cut our eyes at him and then he got the message and piped down.

Afterwards, we went to eat sushi at Mura, #3's favorite restaurant. It is one of our regular places and we never leave disappointed.

Once home, there were presents to open, cupcakes to eat and a game of Monopoly to play. I do not like Monopoly, it feels like torture to me and this game was. I think it went on for three hours.

Aren't these cupcakes wonderful looking? They are from here. It also is new.

There was a lot of discussion about which two cupcakes we were going to eat. We were all so full from dinner there was no way we could all have our own and so we decided to share two.

She fittingly chose the "Princess Cupcake"!!

We have three versions of Monopoly in the game closet, at least she chose the one with pretty colors!!

Guess who else doesn't love Monopoly and spent the last hour of the game coming up with different ways she could wear her scarf...

and guess who got hot rollers for her birthday!!


Fast forward four days later:

#3 spent the afternoon getting braces put on. She is upstairs right now sitting in the dark, watching a movie and trying to eat a little something. She thinks she is sore now, but I know tomorrow will be even worse. She has a long haul in front of her.... two years and at least three surgical procedures. I am amazed at the things they do now and they involve screws, chains, drills and jawbones. She is walking around with the equivalent of an automobile in her mouth right now! I just hope they are very liberal with prescriptions for pain killers, I am going to need a lot!!!

Jan 24, 2011


My name is Lisa.
It has been a Long time since I last blogged.
And I am a Loser.

It really has been so long since I last posted, I have literally forgotten how to navigate around Blogger. Things also look very different to me. Have they changed again? I feel like there are some things missing... all of the fancy things.

Well, I do not know where to begin and am not sure if I should review the past month or do I just start with #3's birthday that was Saturday. I guess a lot of pictures are in order and the less words the better.

Since I was Last here......

We Christmased in our Lilly pjs:

We went to my dad's house and celebrated Christmas for the first time without my mom and we Laughed just like old times and it felt good:

My mom was honored at the "Lights of Life" ceremony and the tree lighting ceremony at the hospital where she worked. She was recognized with a Lifetime Light and her light will shine every year on the tree. This is a picture as we road by after the ceremony:

We arrived home Late on Christmas night just in time to see the first flakes of snow:

We went to sleep with it Looking Like this:

We woke up the next morning to this Lovely sight:

These Little guys could not get enough of the snow, but I had my fill with using the blow dryer to defrost them:

Please tell me you noticed that the snow just stuck to Lola and she became the Abominable Snowdog:

We pLayed:

Charlie Lounged around in his man cave:

But Lola had no time for such nonsense. She had some more running to do:

I took the Long journey to the end of the driveway to take some pictures of the house, but could barely see it:

There were angeLs:

There were cLowns:

And a Lot of group pictures:

Lastly, we spent New Year's at the beach and The Man of the House woke up on New Year's Day with vertigo. There is nothing you can do with a man glued to a spinning floor on a national holiday. There were no medical offices open anywhere near by and he didn't think he could make it to the nearest ER. I kept force feeding him Dramamine every hour, which at least calmed his stomach some. I just figured if he died from overdosing it surely had to feel better than feeling like he was constantly on a roller coaster. It helped just enough and we were able to get to Raleigh the next day and headed straight to the doctor's. He DID have an inner ear infection. Isn't he too old to be having ear infections? I was just relieved that he WAS sick. I knew that glass of champagne should not have had that affect on him.

We celebrated #3's birthday over the weekend and I will post those pictures Later THIS week.

Over all, Life is good, God is good and I am blessed!

Happy New Year and Happy Blogging!