Mar 17, 2012


#3 had a school dance last night.
It was her and her friend's first big event since starting high school.
Her school does not have dances, but 
it does allow a parent social committee to sponsor them occasionally. 
A bunch of ninth grade girls can definitely make things like this a big tadoo. 

We offered our house as the meeting spot for everyone so that all of 
us moms could take 1,000 pictures each.
  The boys were not so sure what all the fuss was about.
The girls, well, they were all into it.  

It took  a while to get this bow tie tied,
they YouTubed it!

#3 and some of the girls on the school soccer team

Their coach let them leave practice an hour early so that they could get ready....
of course it was after 
they ran eight laps around the field
and then some wind sprints.
They clean up real nice!

The crowd kept getting bigger and bigger...


#1 and #2 even showed up.
They were not going to miss seeing everyone all dressed up.
They were so excited for #3.


(And yes,
the two older ones made it back from their Bahamas trip.
As her luck would have it, Brooke (#2) celebrated her 21st birthday while on 
spring break and then again with us once she was home.
I have been reminded that I haven't done a birthday post yet.
I will in a few days!)


After the dance we had the group back to our house for a bonfire. 
We ordered pizza and had s'mores fixins set up for them when they got back. 
Parents came and  picked up around 12:30 and then even though we were really 
tired, The Hubs and I sat out by the fire for a while as it burned down.  
It was a late night for us, but we loved it.
It was so good to see them all have so much fun. 
We did this for #1 and #2 a lot while they were in middle school and high school,
it was nice for #3 to have a turn!

Mar 8, 2012


Here is a little history lesson today:

I love the "Keep Calm" sayings. 
Here a just a few of some of the ones I like.

I am off to a soccer game this afternoon
so I made up my own.......


Mar 7, 2012

I Got Nothing

I am trying to be a good blogger but,
I got nothing....

Art is out of town again this week. 
#3 had a soccer game..... the cold......
I was there.... the cold....
and I am sick.

She started....

I am proud.

They won.
4 to 1

I have neon pink nails on my big ol'hands.

I tried the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips.
They do work and are easy to put on and so far they have stayed on with no chips or lifting.
This color however is way too neon for me, but that was my mistake.  
It didn't look that bad in the grocery store. 
But tonight at the soccer game, I kept my hands in my pockets
(when I was not blowing my nose).
Under the fluorescent lights they glowed. 
I look like I belong on the The Je**ey Shore.

I am enjoying wearing other rings on my "wedding ring hand".
It is my better hand after all. 
 My wedding ring is in the shop. 
 I won't get my "new ring" back for three weeks still, so until then I am Free Fallin.

I guess my princesses are all safe and sound.
I have not heard hide nor hair from them.
(as my granny used to say)
I know they are REALLY busy... it is spring break after all.

They could at least let their personal banker know that they are safe and sound. 
Don't cha think?  

Mar 5, 2012


I just dropped off the two older girls at the airport.  
They are headed south for spring break.  

In just a few hours they will be surrounded by warm temperatures, 
blue Caribbean waters, white sand and palm trees. 

Just an hour ago ...

#1 was wrestling with her over weight suitcase in the hallway upstairs. 
She was stressed about having to eliminate almost ten pounds!

#2 had her priorities arranged differently.
She had a movie on her laptop going, wet hair, make-up to do and 
even nails to still polish. 

Look at that BIG mess!
 I hope that is not what her room looks like now.
I am afraid to go upstairs.

Some how they got it all together
and made it out of the door at the time we had set.
They each have a big group of friends going and they actually 
were the first ones at the airport.  

Prayers for safe travel to my girls!