Mar 7, 2012

I Got Nothing

I am trying to be a good blogger but,
I got nothing....

Art is out of town again this week. 
#3 had a soccer game..... the cold......
I was there.... the cold....
and I am sick.

She started....

I am proud.

They won.
4 to 1

I have neon pink nails on my big ol'hands.

I tried the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips.
They do work and are easy to put on and so far they have stayed on with no chips or lifting.
This color however is way too neon for me, but that was my mistake.  
It didn't look that bad in the grocery store. 
But tonight at the soccer game, I kept my hands in my pockets
(when I was not blowing my nose).
Under the fluorescent lights they glowed. 
I look like I belong on the The Je**ey Shore.

I am enjoying wearing other rings on my "wedding ring hand".
It is my better hand after all. 
 My wedding ring is in the shop. 
 I won't get my "new ring" back for three weeks still, so until then I am Free Fallin.

I guess my princesses are all safe and sound.
I have not heard hide nor hair from them.
(as my granny used to say)
I know they are REALLY busy... it is spring break after all.

They could at least let their personal banker know that they are safe and sound. 
Don't cha think?  


Love Being A Nonny said...

Ha Ha Ha...great post for NOTHIN'!!! I tried new nails last night too...I had the girl that does my toes do the gel stuff on my fingernails. She SAYS it will last 2-3 weeks....I'll see I guess!

I am wearing a different ring on my left hand as my wedding/engagement ring is in the shop also!! Look forward to getting it back....Hope my nails still look good by then! :)

Hilarious what you said about your girl's personal banker. So hilarious! You know they are having a great time on your $$$!!

Loved your post!

Joyce said...

I don't miss the days of standing outdoors on a sport field in the freezing cold : ) Love the ring!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Congrats on #3 win and I laughed at the personal banker comment aint that the truth! My daughter leaves tomorrow for Florida her senior class trip...tonight is mani/pedi in my dime...etc...wonder if I'll even receive a text the whole time she is gone! It's doubtful!