Apr 1, 2013


I have some time to make up for.

It has been over 75 since my last post.

Good Gracious!

2.  I have refocused myself since the end of February and have lost over 20 pounds.  I have said no to the computer and yes to my gym and elliptical trainer. I have invested my time in myself. 

3. I love my heart rate monitor. It calculates calories burned.  I burn at least 550 calories during my workout everyday PERIOD (.) That is not an easy thing to do everyday.  I keep up with my calories in and calories out daily and have found that this is the system that works for me.  

4.  We have spent some time at the beach this spring, but soccer has kept us home for the most part. 

5. The weather at the beach has been awful too.  So during Barrett's spring break, instead of sitting on the beach, we were housebound and finally got to some of our painting projects. Here she is working on a side table

6. We used Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint on the table and distressed it to look very beachy. I am using it as a nightstand now.  

7. Barrett worked an entire day on a AP Bio assignment outside on the dock  and then the wind blew it into the canal. Panic ensued and then a lot more panic and squealing ensued.....but we came to our senses....ran to the neighbor's dock and fished it out.  out the

8. I had a birthday. Barrett made my cake.  It was yummy.....blueberry lemon.

9.  I enjoyed it! 

10. My girls got me these needlepoint shoes! I love them and they are so comfy! 

11. Barrett went to 1960's theme murder mystery party. 

12. She won best dressed. She wore one of Brooke's newer dresses, my Missoni scarf that was my souvenir from my trip to Italy last year, almost matching platforms, vintage jewelry and my mom's old sunglasses. 

13. Speaking of my mom....I went onto my parent's churches website to look into getting flowers in honor of my mom for Mother's Day and discovered this picture of my parents.....

It was a picture I had never seen before....it was nice....like a little visit from her. 

14. On Easter. my dad joined us at the beach and we fried fish.  I not much of a fried fish person, but it is what he  loves to do and he is good at it.  It was ugly outside that day too.

15. We did get a long bike ride in after the sun came out that afternoon...

16. This can be spotted in downtown Raleigh.............

it is a bar that you sit at and pedal around town.  

17. Brittany is working hard. She has been working the 7 to 7 nightshift at a local hospital as part of her nursing school clinical rotation.  She has been stayed at home a lot this semester. 

18.  She also has a part time job as a nursing assistant at another hospital. She is a busy girl!

 19. BF2 joined us for dinner at the Angus Barn as a belated celebration for Brooke's birthday. Her birthday was March 8th.

20. I love nothing more than shelling while we are at the beach.  I just recently have started finding a little bit of sea glass. I hope the trend continues through out the summer. 

 21. I played Scrabble with Art the other day. He tried to convince me that "pore lord" was a word (and that the "blank" was a free space).  Last time I checked he was not a dermatologist, so he did not get away with it!

22. I hung this boat picture up at the beach house.  This was the picture that hung over my granny's couch forever! I thought it was the fanciest thing when I was a little girl. I forgot I had it in a closet here in Raleigh. It is the perfect picture for the beach house....the colors are perfect and we are decorating in a vintage style. 

23. We got this table for the upstair deck at the beach house ....

24. .....so we could sit and watch this.

25. I saved this guy...

26. I am not so sure how she does it, but #1 can make a mess of her room so quickly.  She spends so much (wasted) time up in her room when she is home putting things away. 

27. Barrett was on an Angels Among Us walk/run team. 

28. I love all of the colors!!