Jun 26, 2009


This week Kelly is doing master bedrooms on  "Show Us Where You Live Friday".
Haven't participated in a few weeks because of graduation and especially because NOONE sees
my laundry room. That is a house rule! Honestly, it is the dump site of our house. 
One of these years I will get control of it.

Here is what you see when you walk into our bedroom. Our master is on the first floor, which I like. What I do not like is that it is right by the side entrance to the house, where you come in from the garage. Off of our kitchen is a little hallway that has the garage door, laundry room door and the master door. When the princesses come in late, they come right into our room to check in. That's a good thing. The bad thing is, if anyone is with them, they come in too! 
Yep, so the Man of the House and I can be laying in the bed, watching TV,  waiting up for the princesses on any given Friday night and before you know it, we have an audience of teenagers standing at the foot of our bed reminiscing and gossiping about their night. 

(the door leads into our bathroom)

(looking back towards the door that leads to the kitchen and garage)


She was eating a cup of yogurt while watching TV the other day and got too caught up in what was on and wasn't really thinking about what she was doing. 
After the yogurt was gone she started playing around with the cup. She put it over her mouth and sucked all of the air out of it
over and over and over.
Now she is sporting a pretty little chin hickey. 

She wasn't happy at all that I took pictures so I know she is really going to be unhappy that I am posting them, but I think it is so funny. 
One day, she too will think it is funny!!
(I hope!)

(Go away mom!!)

Can you tell that her whole chin is purple?

She kept asking me if it was noticeable. I reassured her that noone would notice it at all. 
The Man of the House got home from DC last night. He is the man that asks if I got my haircut about 2 weeks afterwards. So it is safe to say that he isn't very observant.
The first thing he said to her was, 
"What is all over your face?"

Jun 22, 2009


This was the scenery at one of #3's soccer games recently. 
It wasn't just a one time thing that crept up on him, it was for the duration of the entire game. 
This was the ref that ran up and down the sideline in front of the parents.
When he stopped, he stood with his back to us....eye level.
I am not sure how #3 played, I am told she did well.
I didn't watch much of the game...
I was distracted!

Jun 19, 2009


Happy Father's Day!

We had to celebrate Father's Day yesterday. The Man of the House had to leave for DC at six this morning. He will be there until Thursday. Don't feel bad for him though, he's playing golf today once he gets there. That, I am sure, is the perfect Father's Day for him! He is going to a conference where he gets to attend meetings with senators, lobbyists and other Washington VIPs and give them a piece of his mind. HA!  HA! Basically it is a very large national organization that represents free enterprise.... the original American way. 

From the organization's website:
to create an association based on the shared belief that construction projects should be awarded on merit to the most qualified and responsible low bidders..... construction industry's voice with the legislative, executive and judicial branches of the federal government and with state and local governments, as well as with the news media... which encourages open competition and a free-enterprise approach that awards contracts based solely on merit, regardless of labor affiliation

It is amazing how much the government has their hand in every little aspect of the construction industry right now and quite frankly the new policies are  shutting down some very established old family businesses. The government is taking away the right for these businesses to bid on government jobs if they are not unionized. Then on top of that, these mom and pop businesses are steeply penalized monetarily. So yep, they are shutting down the hard working backbone of America and awarding jobs and contracts, not to the businesses that earned them through fair bidding and are the most qualified, but to the companies that kiss the government's..... feet. 

I don't know about you, but I don't understand how doing things like this creates anything good. I think it teaches that hard work pretty much gets you nowhere these days. To work hard and honestly and then to have jobs taken away from you and given to someone that doesn't meet the qualifications, but are awarded by the government, just isn't going to create a society that is very self motivated. Why try to work your way to the top when the top is no longer allowed to exist? I worry about this because I have children in college and they will soon be out in the real world having to fend for themselves. I don't want them living a life expecting to be taken care of or that they, just by standing in the correct line, deserve so much more than others. 

Speaking of hardwork:

#2 is working hard in Jamaica. (She is on a mission trip with the youth group at our church.) We haven't talked to her much because the rates are so expensive. The one time we did talk to her she was exhausted. They left Raleigh at 11:45 AM Friday  and didn't get to Jamaica until 11:30 PM. They had a seven hour delay in Miami. Once they arrived in Jamaica, they had over an hour drive to the little community they will working in during the week. Thank God for their leaders. They are saints. I can't imagine having to be around  about 50 eighteen year olds in an airport for that amount of time. 

They woke up early Saturday morning and headed off to the work site. They are pouring a  cement roof on a church this week. Hmmm, sounds like fun..... cement, heat and humidity!!

They have a blog to keep us updated, but haven't posted any pictures yet.
Here are a few pictures of the past mission trips that #1 and #2 have been on:

I learned the hard way to make them take "disposable clothing".
Most of the kids leave all of their things behind when they come home. 
What's funny is that the local women wash the clothes and give them to the locals of all ages in the village.  So when you arrive in this tiny remote village in Mexico, the first thing you notice is that  everyone is wearing T shirts from high schools in Raleigh NC!
The wall that #1 built.

Kids are so funny:
This was the highlight of #2's trip last year. Noone could stop talking about how much fun it was when their van got stuck in the mud and how many people it took to get it out. The whole community had to come and watch. I don't remember the whole story but it was something about the hot mexican sun, packed van, mud and sewage. 

Jun 18, 2009


After the blood test, the vets were able to figure out that only one dog got into the meds. Her toxic level was very high. After I left the dogs at the vet, the one that "took" the Rimadayl got sick....really sick. It has vomited and had diarrhea for 24 hours. It has been violently sick. They are medicating it and giving it fluids for now. They think that we got them there in time to counter the affects on the kidneys. So for right now we have a sick doggie that will recover, which is better than a sick doggie that won't. I still feel bad that this happened, but am glad that I woke up early and went over there to let them out so early. If I would have sent any of my kids over there, I am not sure they would have discovered the chewed up medicine bottle. After loosing Cleo in January, this has really brought on those feelings again. I am so glad that their family pet is going to be okay. At least it looks that way for right now. (There may be some long term ramifications of the overdose.) I will sleep better tonight. 


1. The sun is finally out as of right now. We've not seen it for several days and have had flash flood warnings, thunderstorms and pouring rain continuously. Enough is enough! It is predicted to clear up for the weekend and it is going to be hot. It might reach 100' tomorrow! 

2. #2 is packing for her mission trip to Jamaica. She and a group from our church are leaving tomorrow. She and #1 have gone on mission trips since middle school. They have worked every where from Washington DC, New Orleans, Mexico and now Jamaica. I have never seen 
anyone so excited about mixing and pouring cement!

3. We went to the Coach Outlet this morning. It is an hour away. #2 had five graduation gifts to get and everyone loves the Coach wristlet that I got her there about three weeks ago. Of course, there were no more so we had to settle on change purse /key chains. Oh well, the girls will still love them and they will be very useful when they go to college. 

4.  We are dogsitting  for our neighbors. Well, we were. They have two rambunctious dogs. These dogs truly act like hyper toddlers on caffeine. One of the dogs tore something in his leg last week and is on Rimadayl, a very strong arthritis medication. I went over to let them out first thing yesterday morning and during the night, one of them had jumped on the kitchen counter, taken the medication bottle, chewed the medication bottle into five pieces and commenced to eating 30 very potent tablets. I immediately (after I panicked) called my neighbor. She called the vet. It ended up that #1 and I had to rush the dogs to the vet. We had to coax these stubborn dogs into the back of my SUV during a downpour. Rimadayl is a dangerous drug and can cause kidney failure if taken for extended periods of time. I wonder if taking 30 at once counts as dangerous?  Anyhow, the dogs are in the hospital.  They were acting normal, but are undergoing test and being given IV fluids. I haven't talked to my neighbor yet today. I feel so bad about the situation. I just hope that they are okay.

5. The first session of summer school is already over for #1. She is so happy not to have to drive back and forth to Chapel Hill every morning. She is doing some babysitting, but other than that doesn't have a job. No one is interested in hiring someone for six weeks. 

6. I cannot think of anything to get my dad for Father's Day. Men are so hard to buy for. I know there is the typical "Polo style shirt" type gift, but I hate giving the predictable gift. I like giving things that people want, but never buy themselves. Besides, I think I was clueless last year too and got him a shirt. He is the type of guy that has everything and needs nothing. He doesn't read, watch a lot of TV or have any hobbies other than fishing and working out in the yard.  I am running out of time!

7. I need/want to clean up my blog. I need to update my blog-list.  I want to change things and get another background. I started looking at that the other day. I had to stop myself because I have so much other stuff I need to be doing. I know once I get started, it will end up being an all day project. I also am afraid of loosing stuff. Has that happened to anyone? Can you change the backgrounds (from the freebie sites) and not loose anything? I am afraid of doing something wrong and ending up with a big mess...... and then that would really take all day!

8. Went to look at the apartment that #1 is going to live in when school starts back. Now that is all I can think about. I am almost antsy about getting things for it. It is so hard to have to sit back and wait and let the roommates get things for it too. It is in a old warehouse and has brick walls, exposed beams and pipes and stained cement floors. How cool is that?  I have pictures and can't wait to post them.

Jun 12, 2009


#2 Graduates!

There are few words...

but of course, there are a lot of pictures. 

All of the seats were behind the students. I am so glad they had
a big screen  so that we could see what was going on. This is a 
picture of #2 and the principal on the screen.

It was HOT!!
They closed off a street in downtown Raleigh for us to mingle and take pictures.
It was so hot, we took a few pictures, then we were ready were to get out of  the heat.


NC State Bound!!
(15 minutes away!! HA HA!)

The Shrine

After graduation we took #2 out to eat.
Afterwards, she went to DW'S house (her prom date).
It was his birthday AND graduation day so his parents had all of the kids over there for a big party.
(better them than me!!)

This morning we woke and got ready for our graduation party.

#3 helped all day without complaining (almost)
I bribed her, big time! 

Some of the guys entertained us with a diving contest.

Do you watch the Food Network?
This guy (and place) was on Road Tasted with the Neely's .
They were featured on their show for their North Carolina style BBQ.

After their party, #2 and her friend went to another friend's party.
She has four to go to tomorrow and some more on Sunday. 
(We'll go to a few of them too.)
 She has been so blessed to have such good friends. 

I have more to tell  about graduation, #2 and college, but for now, I just wanted to get these pictures posted. We are exhausted. The MOTH (man of the house) is snoring beside me. He did a great job on the yard today. He took the day off just to get everything in order. I know I am definitely sleeping- in in the morning. Funny how "sleeping-in" isn't what it used to be.
I'll probably be up by 7:30.

Jun 9, 2009


About a week ago we discovered tadpoles in our birdbath. I am not sure how mama frog got all the way up into the birdbath, but somehow she did. The birdbath sits in the direct sun all day and because of that, the water was hot. This was not good for the tadpoles! There were many dead ones floating around, but the majority of them were still alive. Mama frog surely must have been proud of herself, because she didn't have just a liter....she had a whole crop! (I know, frogs lay eggs.) 

Well, being the ole' kindergarten teacher that I once was, I saw this a wonderful little science lesson. I scooped some out into a flower vase and added some cooler water (to stop the cooking process). 

the vase is back by the door

The MOTH then poured the rest of them from the birdbath into a big bucket and headed down to the pond that is (far) behind our house. He was not too happy about the new chore bestowed upon him, but after 22 years of being married to me, he knew there was no need to discuss whether we "REALLY were going to put forth all of this effort to save some tadpoles." Okay, okay, we did have the discussion, but it was a short one. 

Fast forward to this morning...................................

I glanced down into the vase, where just last night, about 15 happy little tadpoles were playing. This morning there was 1! 

little black dot = lonely tadpole

Where are the rest of them? Who stole the tadpoles? Was it one of my neighbor's cats? Unless the cat had a fishing pole,  I would think that it would have turned the vase over. Was it a bird? I can't imagine a bird sitting on the rim the vase and waiting for the little tadpoles to swim up to the top. Hmmmmmm...

So now the one little lonely tadpole is all that is left. So much for that science lesson.  I think the MOTH might be visiting the pond this evening when he gets home. 

Porch Update

Thank you for  all of the great suggestions. I searched for replacement cushions and found some at Fran's Wicker, but did not see any fabrics I liked. The fabrics are all dated looking. They do have my exact fabric, but if I am gong to pay to replace 9 year old cushions I want something new and fresh looking. Just to replace the cushions on the chair is over $300 (back and seat cushion).   I have cushions for the couch, love seat  and ottoman to replace also. The size of the furniture doesn't really show in the pictures. It is a full size couch, like a family room couch. They are categorized as "deep seating" pieces of furniture and all that means is that the cushions are big and you have to sell your firstborn to replace them. I guess it's like getting something reupholstered... expensive. 

 My cushion covers are intact along the zipper and the corners. They fell apart along the seams. I'm going to attempt to stitch them back together tonight. It isn't going to work on all of them and on those, I am going to use the glue gun. 

After things settle down, I am going to look for some cute fabric and have new cushions made. I just didn't want to do that right now. I just bought a couple of pieces of furniture and the house decorating  budget is looking a little low. I could always borrow from the clothing and shoes budget, but that's not going to happen!!  I might just need to sell that first-born princess. 

Jun 7, 2009


We spent yesterday outside. We had the usual yard work to do plus did some extra things to spruce it up for the graduation party on Friday. I'm happy to say that the mildew on the white fence that runs along the side of the yard is now gone! The MOTH gets to mark that off his Honey Do List! While he was happily doing things like that, I had all of the Princesses busy on the porch . We have a southern style house with a big front porch. Our family does a lot out there. Besides the kitchen it is the center of our home. 

Over the years we've....

...taken naps...




...photographed it for projects...

.... waited to be picked up for our very first slumber party....


...used it as a backdrop...

...posed before going to the Daddy Daughter Dance...

...watched the sun go down while eating Nutty-Buddies on the last day of summer vacation...

Cleaning it is like cleaning house. When pollen season is over, I like to take everything off the porch and wipe down all of the rails, walls, fans, light fixtures and so on. Our porch is big enough that we have a lot furniture out there. There is a couch, loveseat, chair, ottoman,  plus four rocking chairs, a swing and a few tables and plant stands. I  love our porch. I love sitting on the swing during  thunderstorms during the summer. All of the girls sit out there when they are talking on the phone or reading. I love coming home and seeing it full of the friends sitting around rocking and talking.

The cushions on the couch, loveseat, chair and ottoman have seen better days. They really need to be replaced. That is just something else I've put off doing. 

Yesterday, while cleaning I came up with the brilliant  idea to take some of the covers off the cushions and run them through the washing machine. I want the porch to look really good for the party on Friday. It is a party for the kids, but we have invited  several parents/couples that live in the neighborhood or ones that we've gotten to know and spent a lot of time with through activities at school. 

I was just too excited about having clean cushions..... I was really looking forward to the white really looking white. When I went to get the  cushion covers out of the  washing machine, that excitement ended. My green and white striped cushion covers came apart at the seams while they were washing. Everyone of them!  I guess the threads along the seams had dry rotted from sitting outside all of these years.  I don't know????!!!! Now here is what my porch looks like. 

(see how dirty the ottoman cushion is)

Replacing them will happen now, but will no way be able to happen in time for our party on Friday. I am not sure what I will do. The thought of getting out my sewing machine and trying to put them back together seriously overwhelms me. Some of them, I know, can't  be sewn because the fabric unraveled  at the seams. I'm pretty good with a glue gun, but I don't think even I can fudge my way through this. I have so much to do this week, this definitely wasn't on my list. 
Any ideas?