Jun 19, 2015

Graduation 15

Will I ever catch up here?

We finally have slowed down and are getting into the summer groove.  We have Senior Sunset, Graduation and Barrett's Senior Trip to Europe behind us.

Before leaving for graduation, we took some pictures in the front yard.

My aunt, my mom's sister came.

Graduation was held in the school's high school gym.

Me? No tears!   Sisters? Tears!  My girls are a mess!

Afterwards we came home and let Barrett open her graduation presents and then just hung out together....Family Time is my Favorite Time!

 Brooke painted her a ram (UNC Chapel Hill's mascot) and also painted Barrett in her prom dress.
Brooke is very talented and I am hoping  trying to persuade her to open an Etsy store!

The next day we hung out by the pool. It was so much fun having everyone together. I love how my girls and their guys choose to spend a lot of their time together.

 Giant Jenga has been a great investment!

This is how the Odoms snack!

That night we took Barrett to the Angus Barn for her graduation dinner. Such a great way to end the graduation weekend. 

May 19, 2015

Last Day

For the next few weeks it is all about Barrett around here. Her school really celebrates their seniors and it seems there is one event after another and of course, everything is post worthy.  I need to go ahead and rename this blog after her for awhile, maybe something like, "Odom Party for Barrett" or "Barrett's Party of Five".  In a few weeks we will be back to the same old things. 

Today was a day I never imagined would really ever get here. It was Barrett's last day of high school.  Last night, after we watched the Bachelorette, she kissed me good night and headed up to bed. I watched her go up the stairs one last time - her last school night. 

This morning she slept in a bit. She really didn't need to be at school for the reviews because she doesn't have to take exams.  She actually would have not even gone, but Art and I made her.  This morning I wrote my last school note!

 I would have worn my glasses and been a little neater if I knew I was going to post a picture of it! 

Here is a picture of her on her first day of kindergarten, and today, her last day of her senior year almost standing in the exact same spot. 

getting into the car

 It has been a very short school year.
Seems like I just took these pictures of the first day of her senior year.

I asked Barrett to take some pictures at school for me. I was thinking she would hang around and take pictures with her friends, but this is what I got instead...

the exact moment the bell rang!

May 17, 2015

Senior Awards

The graduation countdown is on and this afternoon we attended one of our first ceremonies. Barrett's senior class had their Senior Awards and Baccalaureate Service. It was held in the high school gym at the school.  I wasn't sure how I was going to handle seeing her and everyone else in their cap and gowns for the first time, but I am happy to say that I, not once, became emotional. One ceremony down, three more to go. I hope I can continue my streak!

My dad came from out of town to go with us. Brittany and BF1  also went.  We missed Brooke (and Mr. E), she wasn't able to make it home from DC this weekend, but will be here for the graduation.   

The senior class has 126 seniors in it and 49 of them are "Lifers". Lifers are students who have been going to the school since kindergarten - basically all of their life. 
Barrett is one of them who was recognized with a special red cord. 

She was also recognized for several other things:
a silver cord for having logged more than 100 community service hours
and a gold cord for academic achievement.  

She also received a pin for becoming a CNA (certified nursing assistant) while in school.

She was selected by the coaches to receive the Senior Soccer Award for showing leadership on and off the field and acheivement in soccer. 

She was the senior that received the excellence in math award. 
(She did not get that from me!)

She also earned a ribbon for having a GPA higher than a 4.0.

After the ceremony, the school held a reception in the elementary gym.
They played the senior slide show which had 5 pictures of each of the seniors as babies, elementary students, middle schoolers and so on. 

Before we headed home, I took a few pictures of Barrett in front of her school.  

I am so proud of her!

Next up: 
tomorrow we have the Spring Sports Award Ceremony.