Oct 30, 2013


Well, it is Halloween Eve and there are Christmas commercials on TV right now.
I guess on Friday we will all need to toss the pumpkins and 
jack-o-lanterns out and start decorating for Christmas.
  According to the malls, I am already behind.  
Are you feeling it too?

It was homecoming last week at #3's school. 
So that meant a week of themed dress up days.  
There was no school on Monday so that did eliminate one day of costuming
(and tearing up the house looking for things to wear). 

Tuesday was USA Day and #3 was a  cute sailor.  
We had everything already except for the sailor's hat and that was a quick find at the Halloween store for only $4.00! 

#3 is a preppy girl so her closet and jewelry table was already full of anchors and other nautical things.
She has had her sailor style pants for several years. 
Her navy blouse, earrings and the lining of her red blazer all had anchors on them
and her bracelet had a ships wheel.

Her necklace had a lobster and hook on it and her Sperrys were gold. 

Her eyelids were even patriotic too! 

Such an easy and fun look to pull together!

Wednesday was Fashion Disaster Day.  
#3 wore several things that just did not go together.

I guess the proper way to describe the coat she wore is to say it is "vintage" 
instead of saying it is an old hand me down.
It was my great aunt's coat.  

I told Barrett after seeing the coat on her that she should totally wear it this winter. 
I think she could pull it off! 

Don't you think this outfit could be in a J Crew catalogue? 
I don't guess J Crew would be too happy that it was worn on Fashion Disaster Day! 

The fox bow bracelet is one of Barrett's favorites. 
She loves JKP.

Thursday was Dynasty Day - based on Duck Dynasty. 

We forgot to take pictures that day, but there wasn't a lot to take a picture of.  
Barrett wore her LL Bean boots, my dad's "vintage" army green military pants, a flannel shirt, hunting hat and a stuffed duck hanging out of her back pocket.  

Friday was School Spirit Day.......
so nothing fancy there.
You can only do so much with blue and gold.

I always have fun getting things together for Spirit Week 
and seeing that I only have one more after this year I really tried to enjoy it even more.