May 1, 2012


Long time no blog!!!
Anyone out there??

Let me just get right back into it.  

#2 had a birthday and I never even addressed it here. 
She turned 21!!!

She was out of town for the event - 
I cannot imagine why she didn't want to be with her really cool parents for this milestone!!
And she has been a little irritated with me that she didn't get her own blog post. 
Sorry #2!!

I had a little birthday of my own.
I guess I can still call it a "little birthday" since it didn't end in a "0".

I got some new wheels! 

We all love them!

Including these two!

#1 is finishing up her senior year at UNC, but she isn't leaving or graduating.  
She still has another year to go in nursing school.
She did have to say good-bye to her sorority sisters and good-bye to being an active member.
Last week was senior week and there were events planned every night.

(front row with white sweater around her neck)

(front left)

I know she is going to miss it all - 
but it now is time to get on with the real life stuff.

She modeled for a fellow classmate. 

She is on the opening page of the universities web site. 

She is just finishing up her junior year this week!!!

#3 has been doing a lot of this....

School soccer is keeping her busy along with all of the projects the teachers
 have waited until the last of the school year to dole out.  
WE all will be glad when this school year is over for her!  

On Saturday, 
the hubs and I are headed here.......

sorry - it is blurry

After a few days there, we will board a train and head here......

We are celebrating our 25th anniversary with a trip to Italy!!
Actually that is probably the real reason I have been away from blogging so long. 
All of my computer time has been spent researching and preparing for our trip.

More about it later this week!!!!
Off to a another soccer game.....