Dec 21, 2013


Last weekend we got to watch and celebrate #1's
graduation from UNC Chapel Hill.
She graduated from the school of nursing.
We are so proud of her and so elated that she is finally a graduate!

After the ceremony we went to the different UNC landmarks to take some pictures, but everyone that graduated had the same plan we did. 
It was too crowded and there were lines. 
So we headed to the Fearington House to take pictures.

The famous belted cows were out so why not take pictures with them?

We then headed back towards campus…

and walked around Franklin Street before our dinner reservations.

We finally made it home and Brittany had a few graduation gifts waiting to be opened.
I decided to keep up with our birthday sign tradition
(just simple signs on notebook paper)
and made her some special ones. 

Maybe in a few weeks I can make her a
"I got a job"