Mar 19, 2018

Brittany's Wedding Reception

I went MIA again!
(sad face)

There are A LOT of crazy time consuming things going on in our house right now. Christmas was very restful - which is the opposite of what it usually is.  Once the holidays were over, our schedule morphed into fifth gear and we are just trying to get to the finish line right now.  We are in the thick of things, mainly planning another wedding - YES, another wedding! It is in May.  (More on this later.) Also for some reason, we thought it would be a great idea to start doing some updating and redoing around our house. My dance card is full!

But I am going to finish up Brittany's wedding before I move on to the other things.

You can catch up and read about Brittany's wedding hereherehereherehere and here.

After the ceremony, the reception was held just three miles away at a near by country club. 
We did not do a plated meal at the reception. Instead we did a strolling dinner/stations reception. As the guests arrived and started filling the ballroom, there were passed hors d'oeuvres and a large fruit and cheese station opened. The band was playing soft jazz and standards as background music. Each guest did have a seat, but were encouraged to mix and mingle by the layout of the stations, lots of cocktail tables mixed in among the regular tables and more passed hors d'oeuvres as the night went on. The heavier stations opened up casually and slowly throughout the night. 

spring salad in martini glasses
duck and lamb sliders
seared tuna
mashed potato bar in martini glasses with toppings
beef carving station
pasta station 

There were a lot of touches of the subtle bumble bee / "meant to be" theme scattered around the reception.  Some of the frames were a honeycomb pattern, the cake also had a honeycomb pattern and a tiny bumble bees on one layer and we printed and framed sayings for the cocktail tables. The escort cards had the same bee wax seal as the invitations did and I even found small wooden beehives that I painted gold and they were place here and there on the reception tables. 

The guest book was a photo book that I made of Brittany and Mr. B's engagement pictures.

The head table was centered at the edge of the dance floor in the center of the room. It was three farm tables with a lace runner with a combination of flowers and candles and anchored by two large arrangements with hanging candles. 

The guest tables were round with two different linens on them. 
Half of the tables had a low compote bowl arrangement and the other half had a tall collection of candles with bud vases. 

The first dance was to Honeybee by Blake Shelton.

 Brittany had been waiting for this moment all of her life and ya'll, 
she looked like she was having so much fun.

The hubs welcomed everyone, asked the blessing and then danced with Brittany to 
Tupelo Honey by Van Morrison. 
 Mr. B danced with his mom right after.

Later in the evening the cake was cut and served with chocolate covered strawberries. 

(The gold splotches only showed up in the photos. 
They were a painted on glitter that was really pretty in person.)

honeycomb flutes

family cake knife and server used at my wedding

You can see the honeycomb pattern and two bumble bees on the cake in this picture.
AND look at that cake topper from behind!  (Totally Brittany's personality!)

 The dance floor was hopping the entire night and everyone had so much fun!
Our band did a fabulous job - we are using them again for the next wedding!
The hubs stopped thinking about the budget for a little bit and danced with his three daughters all at 
the same time!

Glow sticks and neon fedoras were passed out late into the evening. Because the wedding was Saturday, October 29th, the night that a lot of people would be going to Halloween parties, we also had masquerade masks to pass out.  Everyone LOVED them!  

I did not know that B and B were going to exit in masquerade masks - in fact, we kind of discussed that they shouldn't for the sake of the photos, but they did their own thing and did it anyway. 
It does match their personalities. 

I had a flag made of the their monogram crest that Brooke designed for them. 
Mr. B was surprised and loved it!  

They did a faux get away on a golf cart and went around the building! 
Brittany and B did not want the night with their friends to end here, so they rented a bus for 
all of them to go downtown to a Halloween party.
That is where the masquerade masks came in handy since no one had a costume to put on. 

 Our guests left with doughnuts and coffee to go!

 The End