Nov 17, 2017

Brittany's Bridesmaids' Luncheon

Brittany's bridesmaids' luncheon was held the Friday morning before the wedding. 

 I woke up that morning not believing that the wedding weekend 
was finally (already!) here. It was very hard to believe that the day we had been 
planning for over a year was actually happening.

The luncheon was held at a small restaurant in downtown
 Raleigh in a historical southern building known for it's tall windows, high ceilings, ornate molding 
and beautifully worn wood floors.  
Brittany's two aunts and cousin were the hosts.

 The luncheon was held in the back private room.
The florist that did the wedding did the floral arrangements here also
and used Brittany's wedding floral colors, small white pumpkins and a burlap runner on the table.  

As everyone arrived they were greeted by someone holding a tray of champagne.
We all chatted while waiting for everyone to get there.
Then Aunt P welcomed everyone before we sat.

Brittany did a great job toasting her bridal party.

Brittany wanted to include as many southern traditions as possible in her wedding events and
a charm pull was a must for her. Charm or ribbon pulls originated back in the victorian days. The bride, or nowadays the baker, places silver charms with ribbons attached to them into a cake. The bridal party stands around the cake, selects a ribbon and everyone pulls the charms out of the cake at the same time. The charms are all different and are symbols of good luck and good fortune.  So if you pulled the ring, it would mean you were the next to get married. A heart means you will find love soon, and of course, there is the dreaded stork which means there is a baby coming soon! None of these girls wanted that one!

Brittany gave her bridesmaids gifts at the end of the luncheon. 

Everyone was given a tote with there first initial on it,  Kate Spade gold bangles to wear on the wedding day with the inscription "Partners in Crime" on the inside of them and a faux fur stole also for the wedding day. 

You guys, we were so fortunate to have Jill as our photographer.
She is the one on the right.
She is a friend of Brittany's.
We were so lucky she was able to come every event and take photos.
Look her up.
She travels! 

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