Nov 30, 2017

Brittany's Wedding Rehearsal

While everyone is posting Thanksgiving and Christmas prep pictures, 
I am still here chugging 
right along trying to play catch up on Brittany's wedding! 
It is a lot of fun reliving it and I get caught up in all of the pictures while going through them.

Friday after the Bridesmaids' Luncheon, we had a few hours to get the last little things together before heading to the rehearsal. 
  Brittany and Mr. B got married at our church which is just under three miles from our house.  It is also the church where Brittany, Brooke and Barrett went to preschool. 
Who would have thought that the very sidewalk I carried her down in a baby carrier, the one she skipped down wearing her smocked dresses and rubber toed Keds would be the same one she walked down in her wedding gown over twenty-five years later.

We did not have a wedding planner, I took that task on myself. (Go Me!)
Our church did have a church coordinator that was required to be there and work with our pastor
and so the rehearsal was a piece of cake. 
It was so nice to just sit and watch and it was probably the first time I sat all day! 

Our photographer took Brittany and Mr. B outside for some photos after the rehearsal
because the lighting was extra special.
Years ago, this is the exact spot I would take Brittany to feed Rainbow the horse sugar cubes and carrots. She lived in the field beside the church. I cannot count how many pictures I have of Brittany, Brooke and Barrett half way over that fence with their hands reached out with treats for Rainbow.

Mr. B's father hosted a rehearsal dinner at a downtown Raleigh restaurant. 
It was nice to see all of the bridal party and extended families together for the first time.
Brittany was a good sport and wore my veil!

me, my dad and the hubs

These three girls are Mr. B's cousins and live in Texas. 
They were so sweet and I thought they looked like Brittany's little sisters.
They welcomed everyone to the church and handed out programs.
They also are great dancers and lived on the dance floor!
(Is this a hint of what my grandchildren will look like?)

Brittany wanted to go with the tradition of giving Mr. B a groom's cake at the rehearsal dinner.
We had a simple round cake made and decorated with green icing that looked like grass. Mr. B has been given the nickname "Squatch" by his friends, which is short for Sasquatch.  The nickname comes from his workout regimen - he is really into it!  We found someone to make little figurines  of a bride and groom Sasquatch and even dressed the groom in Mr. B's favorite pair of shorts.  I made the banner and sign and Brittany found the unicorn.
 (There is some kind of inside joke about a unicorn - 
I am not sure I really want to know what it is!) 

 Well, the cake almost didn't make it to the rehearsal dinner!

We sat the box it was in on our kitchen table, forgetting
that for several hours during the afternoon it would be sitting directly in the sun! Right before leaving for the rehearsal we discovered that the icing had melted and slid off the sides of the cake! 
(Ruh Roh!)
 I salvaged it and put it back together the best I could. I scraped off what icing was left on the side of the cake, whipped it all together and then re-iced the side. 

AND.......Ta Da, Mr. B's sad little cake.
Thank goodness this was not the main dessert!

I had a great time at the rehearsal dinner, but was ready to get home and get ready for the big day!

And I'll leave you with these images!

I've noticed that no-one comments on blogs anymore, me included. I guess blogs need to come with a "LIKE" button!  I am trying to make sure I do leave a short comment on the blogs I read regularly and say something on the posts I enjoy reading.
Let me know you visited my blog and read this!
I love reading your comments.


Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

I'm really loving your wedding posts! They are making me so excited for all our wedding festivities this summer. Planning the bridal shower now :-)

Debbie said...

Dear Lisa, What a wonderful day that must have been! I bet so many emotions were going through you. I think I might have been fighting tears half the day but I get too emotional when I think of how the years have passed, how my children grew up-so fast-and what's ahead. Your girls are lovely, as always, and it's a joy to see how you've raised such 'ladies'. You must be so proud! And I have to comment on your blog overall. You write beautifully but yet you're so 'real'. So many blogs seem to exist mainly to impress & look unrealistically perfect. Yours is perfectly wonderful in a realistic way! You are blessed & you pass those blessings on for others to enjoy. Thank you for that...and keep writing. Debbie

Amanda Acheson said...

I stumbled upon your blog, & have truly enjoyed the stories you share! Thanks so much!

Dean Soloaga said...

LOVE your Blog Your family is Goregous! I was so glad when you came back! I have commented A LOT but have trouble posting! Kathryn K

Michele McFadden said...

Home sick today and passing time playing on my tablet. So glad I stumbled across your blog again. I had not checked it for quite some time. I loved seeing the rehearsal pictures. You have a beautiful family.

Michele McFadden said...

Home sick today and passing time playing on my tablet. So glad I stumbled across your blog again. I had not checked it for quite some time. I loved seeing the rehearsal pictures. You have a beautiful family.

Carrie Bullock said...

I JUST realized you'd posted!! Loving all the photos and the story of the wedding day(s) . . . Loved your dress too!
Miss K.A. is now engaged and trying to decide on bridesmaids dresses.. I tried talking her into all black but... I'm going to show her your pictures. It's stunning!