Oct 15, 2014


In Ireland, we were traveling with twenty five other people and only previously had met about six of them. Everyone was connected in a business sense and was invited to go golfing and sightseeing in Ireland for a week. As I mentioned in the post earlier, Art and I went a few days early and explored on our own.  After meeting the group in Belfast and spending some time there, we loaded the bus and headed to the northwest coast.  The girl that planned our iteneriary was traveling with us. Her name is Niamh (pronounced Neive) and is from Donegal, our next stop. I think we met her entire family. Her "nanny" even went out to eat with us one night.  Niamh lives in the US now, but has a business planning trips and events.  We lucked out. 

We left Belfast and drove to Donegal.
Donegal was a busy little town full of shops and pubs. 

We had a few hours of free time to wander on our own. Art and I ate lunch at The Olde Castle Bar and then met everyone at the dock for a tour of Donegal Bay.
Who knew there were seals in Ireland!

In Donegal, we stayed at the 

(cedar closets)

We met out in front of the castle for a picture before going out to eat our first night there. 

When we got back to "our castle" that night, it was cold and rainy and there was a fire going in every fireplace.
Loved it! 

The next morning, most of the guys went to play golf and the rest of us went to the 
Slieve League Cliffs.

We stopped in Kilkar for lunch/tea.

(not sure where all of the people of Kilkar were)

That night we ate in Donegal at a small Italian restaurant,

and after dinner, we walked across the street and went to a local pub called The Forge.

The next morning we left Donegal for our final stop, Dublin.

We stayed at the Merrion.
It was in a great location and had old hardwood floors, lots of cozy couches
and pots of tea available anytime of the day by any one of the fires.

This bride let us take her picture before she left for her wedding.
We were all loving the mother of the bride's dress.

We went to Johnnie Fox's for the evening.

(it was pouring rain)

(a quick picture in the rain)

The next day we did some shopping in Dublin... 

and then toured the Guinness Brewery...

which included a free pint.

Art found his own bar inside the brewery - 
Guinness was founded by Arthur Guinness.

Our final group dinner was that night at The Sussex.

 The next morning Art and I boarded our plane and headed back to Raleigh. We both loved Ireland. Art really loved the golf courses! It is a beautiful country, full so many things to see and do.  We can't wait to go back one day.