Jul 31, 2016

Life is Good!

I am back from a long blogging break
 and am very overwhelmed at where to begin and how to catch up. 

I never intended to go MIA for so long, but have had quit of few obsticles in my way that I won't bore you with. 

I'll summarize the past months in pictures:

We are finalizing wedding plans now and are less than 100 days from the BIG day/!
Brittany was so giddy when her dress came in and we went for her first fitting. 

Barrett went to the Dominican Republic for a mission trip over spring break.
She and her roommate went together along with about twenty other friends from UNC.

Before the spring semester ended, Barrett's sorority filmed a promotional video. They asked if Charlie and Lola wanted a starring role in it, and of course they were quick to say yes.
We took them to UNC and handed them over to Barrett and the rest of the sorority for the afternoon. 
Look who spent the afternoon running around the football field!
And yes, they even pottied on it! 

I was so excited the day we moved Barrett out of her door room. That meant she was coming home for the entire summer! Now,  it is just weeks away from her going back. I am trying to wrap my head around how quickly time goes by. I love how this picture looks like it required a crane to move her things out - if you've moved a daughter in or out of a dorm room you know a crane would have been helpful.

I went to NYC in May with two friends. We spent the weekend walking, shopping and eating.
We went to see the play Shuffle Along and it was great! 
Here are pictures of our first and last glass of wine.

I love when we finally get to open the pool in the spring.
Lola is obsessed with dropping her ball into the pool and waiting for someone to get it for her. 
It is an endless game - and an annoying one. 

The frogs have been out in large numbers around the pool this year! 
I shared a chair with this little guy.

One day, standing in the kitchen, Barrett caught a glimpse of something moving in the water of the pool.
Seconds later she was screaming and running out the backdoor. Brittany heard her all the way upstairs and was downstairs and out the door in two seconds. This poor little fawn was franctically swimming in circles. Without hesitation, Brittany dove in with her clothes on and Barrett belly flopped onto the cement half way hanging in the water and grabbed the deer. It fought her, but Brittany came up from underneath it and they lifted it out. It took off running into the woods the opposite direction from its mom.  This little guy was only a day or so old then.  It's poor mom was on the other side of the yard, stomping, snorting and crying out.  
I am so thankful Barrett saw the fawn and it all had a happy ending. 
He now is a regular visitor on the patio and enjoys geraniums and hostas.

Mr. B's parents had an engagement party for him and Brittany in May. It was fantastic and so much fun. I am planning on an blog post soon!

We are spending as much time at the beach as possible. 
This is the view from the hammock.  

There have been big thunderstorms there this summer. After one of them there was this huge double rainbow. 

Art had a conference in DC and since Brooke lives there, we decided to make it a family trip.  
We all sat on Brooke's rooftop every evening before going out to dinner. 

From her rooftop, one direction you can see the Washington Monument,

and the other direction you can see the Capitol Building. One night we were there, there was a full moon and the most beautiful sunset.  

Headed to dinner in DC on a beautiful night...

we sat outside at Central. They have the best lobster burger!

It was Mr. B's birthday!

One day we went to the National Harbor and went to a BBQ festival.
I love hanging with my Peeps!

The hardest thing we had to do with planning Brittany's wedding, was getting the guest list together and organized. I was so thankful when that was finally completed and the 
save the dates went out. 

We have pokemon in our yard - 
at least that is what I am told. 

If you are still out there let me know!
I am glad to get this behind me and have lots of wedding posts planned!