Jan 23, 2013


#3 is 16!!

I just cannot believe it.

We had a day full of birthday celebration.
And that bright pink ribbon in my last post caused this reaction...

Here is a birthday recap:

Monday night I took one last picture of her being 15 right before she went to bed......
and also got a great picture of Bubbles!

She had her birthday outfit all laid out.

Dad got up at 5:30 to make her breakfast.
She came downstairs around 6:00.
She ate breakfast with sleepy eyes, her tiara...

and an extremely tired 23 year old!

She then was ready to go.

While she was gone I whipped up a little birthday dessert,
an Italian Cream Cake.
Yes, from scratch!
Go ME!!

#1 helped me get some other things done...

After school, I took a few pictures while we waited for Art and Brooke  to get home.

I think she needs to wear this color more often.
It makes her eyes look even bluer than they are.
(I promise I didn't touch them up.)

then came present time.
She opened a few things first before she picked up the little box with the fuchsia bow.
She thought it was jewelry......
she was confused....

but then realized what she was holding in her hand....

 and she made a cry face...

and she squealed and jumped a little  a lot.

  After that, we had plans to go out to eat at another downtown restaurant we have been wanting to try, 
(I am not a fan.)

Then we had to head back home for CAKE!

She made a wish, blew out her candles
her birthday day was officially over.

  She goes for her driving test tomorrow.
Her dad is taking her.
That is his job because I am way too nervous about it and I would make her a nervous wreck.
She doesn't want me there.
My feelings are not hurt.

Once she gets her license, the big debate will begin..........
when does she get to start driving to school?  

If it were up to me.....
next year.
The End.

Jan 20, 2013


This is really going to be a big week for us here at the Odom house. My baby turns 16 on Tuesday.....at 12:22 AM to be exact.  This is one birthday celebration I am not looking forward to.

 More on that later this week.

We did have a good weekend. I know you just cannot wait to hear all about it!

We had a late start to the day on Friday because of our two hour delay. The roads were bad, especially for us inexperienced southerners.  After I dropped Barrett off at school,  I came back home and got on the elliptical trainer. I listened to my Lady Gaga and Maroon Five playlist.

I went to the mall to shop a little for Barrett's birthday.  I HATE that J Crew has a college student discount  and insist on the student being there with the ID when I am paying for them to be a student and paying for them to wear J Crew clothes. They won though.........I did find some things in the Lilly department at Belk that were 40% off and they still are full price at the Lilly store at Cameron Village.

Friday night Art, Barrett and I went to Gravy for dinner. It is in downtown Raleigh.  Our downtown area is a work in progress, but there are some really great restaurants there now and a few stores.

Gravy has a really great atmosphere and really good food, but the garlic runnith over!! This is a picture of #3's chicken marsala with an entire bulb of roasted garlic.

 Good thing we didn't have plans for the rest of the weekend!

#3 and her daddy
LOVE her J Crew sweater!
I think I had a sweater just like that when I was in high school!

Wilmington Street from the parking deck.

Saturday, Art worked..... it is tax season and that is just what he does this time of year. #1 came home from Chapel Hill and I made a pot of pasta fagioli. 

 After Art got home, all four of us went to DSW.  He got a pair of dress shoes.  #1 got two pair of running shoes (they are so neon and so UGLY). She is training for a half marathon and the hubs says she needs to have two pair of shoes so she can rotate them.  (He ran the Boston Marathon years ago and so he is our resident expert on running and training..... cough cough.)  #3 also got a pair of Ugly running shoes and a pair of nude colored heels. She has to go to a conference in February and needs business attire.

Saturday night we went to see the movie Gangster Squad.  I was very entertained by it.  I love Emma Stone. The men were not all that bad to look at either.

We (Art, #1, #3 and myself) went to church this morning and then went to Whole Foods for lunch.  I once again smell of garlic.

After that, Art and I tried to go to the jewelry store where he bought me this Christmas present, but it was closed because it was Sunday.

 I really do like this Yurman bracelet, it matches the ring he gave me last year. The problem is that it is not a stackable bracelet and it looks very dressy. I am not a dressy person and I want something I can wear everyday with my other Yurman bracelets. I hate returning gifts, especially something as nice as this one. He went and picked it out all by himself and so it really does hurt my feelings that I may be hurting his feelings, but he does want me to have something I will wear every day.  

Art took Barrett out to practice driving this afternoon. It occurred to us that she had never practiced a three point turn and she will be tested on that when she goes for her driving test this week.  While they were gone I wrapped her birthday presents. I made her go upstairs to the office and bring them down when she got home. 

See that one with the fuchsia bow?


Jan 17, 2013


We are finally getting a little bit of winter weather. 
It has been snowing for a few hours. It is not expected to amount to much and it isn't supposed to last long, but it is so beautiful to see for now.  

Barrett (#3) and I are just loving the idea that there is a two hour delay tomorrow morning. 
Two hour delays are the best!!
We get to sleep in a little, take our time in the morning and she has no day to make up!


She came home from school today looking exceptionally cute.

She goes to a private school and it was chapel day today.
That means "Sunday dress" for everyone.

As much as it can be a pain to follow a strict dress code, it is so refreshing and impressive to see all of the students dressed appropriately and respectively.....
and I must say, high school boys look so much cuter with their bow ties on!

I had to take a few pictures of Lola and Charlie too!

Charlie was so handsome in his Barbour coat this afternoon.
He was getting ready for the "blizzard". 

(I do wish I would have taken off his "house arrest/parole" necklace for his pictures.
We had to get a "stubborn dog" size back in December because he started chasing the deer, squirrels and neighbor's annoying cats out of the yard and into the middle of the cul de sac.)

He had nothing but kisses for Barrett!

Lola had on her pink quilted rain coat this afternoon
and topped it off with a bright red bow.
She loves to mix things up!

They cooperated for pictures for about twenty seconds
 and then...

 this happened....

a doggie wrestling match. 

I am not so sure who won, but after a few rounds they were ready to go inside.

A little wet and smelly,
but still as cute as ever!

Jan 16, 2013



She had braces twice and combined together,
 for almost four years and now she is finally free!
Just in time for her 16th birthday....which is next week!

This is in the car right before going in the orthodontist's office:

(10th grade)

and here she is after.

She doesn't like these pictures because they are very close up, but I think they are beautiful.
She looks so different to me but,  I kind of miss the braces and
I am really missing my little girl!!

She is loving it.
She has been all smiles since.

We have invested a small fortune in our girls' mouths.
(Oh the palaces I could have gone and things I could have had!)

The first time #3 had braces was back when she was in elementary school.
That time they were making room for all of her teeth and adjusting her jaw while it was still growing. The second time they were correcting/closing her bite and moving her teeth into the right space after creating all of that room.

(Her eleventh birthday)

#2 also had braces twice also.
She was so upset about getting braces while she was in high school.

(10th grade)

 (10th grade)

#1 was the different one and only had to have braces once !

(9th grade)

(9th grade)


So many adjustments and events for us here at our house this January!
This week it was the braces coming off,
next week 
it will be #3 turning 16 and getting her driver's license!!
(I am not ready!)

We did finally get back to a normal school schedule...

we did find out that #2 has mono, but she has gone back to school and actually went
 to her first class today. She also has gone back to work.
She works part time in the store of a local jewlery designer.
She will just have to take care of herself and get plenty of rest.