Nov 3, 2011

Odds and Ends

Some odds and ends... in no particular order.


We are headed to Asheville, NC tomorrow after school
for #3's soccer tournament. Her game is early enough that we hope to 
"drop by" the Vanderbilt's house.
It will be decorated for Christmas this weekend.  Although it is a little early in the season, 
I would love for Barrett to see it.  
Art and I went during the Christmas season when we were first married and
Barrett has been in the summer.
It would be a great way to start the Christmas season this year.  

The Biltmore House

I wish #1 and #2 could go with us, but it is the big rival game this weekend...
UNC vs NC State. 
Seeing that one of them goes to UNC,  the other to NC State and we have season tickets (plus two doggies that need to be watched), they are staying in town.  


Our Halloween was uneventful. 
I do not miss my children dressing up and going trick or treating. 
I went ALL OUT when we did.
 I stayed up all night sewing costumes.... the best Jasmine costume you have ever seen, clowns, court jesters, leopards, gypsies and so on.
I guess I am burned out.

I now like Halloweens like this.......

a big group of friends going to the "Fear Farm". 


I am not liking all of the Christmas decorations in the mall and on the outside of shopping centers.
I love Nord___s though!


We are seeing this girl so much more these days.
She is home Monday - Wednesday most weeks 
and home Saturday - Wednesday some weeks
(depending on her social schedule)
and yet we are paying for a prime apartment space in Chapel Hill....
full time. 
Go figure.... it is just money. 

This is how she looks on Mondays....

She goes to the hospital for meetings about her patient she is assigned to for the week.

This is how she leaves the house at 6:30 AM on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings....

these are her "patient days". 
She is pretty much hands on and doing everything.

And this her posse...


Two years ago my mom was in the middle of the fight of her life...
she did not win.
It seems like every week (fall of 2009) we heard more devastating news and life changing diagnosis.
I am more melancholy right now, reliving those days and remembering those punch to the gut feelings. 

I just want my mom to know that I have not gone forward by myself 

and neither have "her girls"...

(plus the BF1).

She is just as much apart of our lives as ever.  


We turned the heat on last week.
I now am raking up the dust in our house.
What is that all about?


Why did I volunteer to have all of the parties at our house this Christmas? 
For starters,
in three weeks the seniors from  #1's sorority will show up at our house for dinner, a bon fire,  a sleepover and breakfast.
Back in July it did not sound like such a big deal.
And what does a mom do when a house of 22 year old girls show up for a "sleepover"?
I suppose I will wash dishes and go sit in my bedroom with door closed.

You will definitely be hearing A LOT about this.
I have been making lists for all of the lists I have.


I opened a bottle of red wine tonight.
I poured myself a glass and went upstairs to the TV room to watch last Sunday's Dexter.
The hubs yelled at me from downstairs. 
I promise I did not know that it was a $75 bottle of wine.
Not what I would normally have on a Thursday...
my bad!