Mar 8, 2016

January and February

The wedding planning is in full force.  It seems all I do is eat, sleep, dream, talk, and look at wedding stuff 24/7 these days.  We took a little break from the planning over the holidays, but hit the ground running (sliding) again in January.  We are slowly checking things off of the massive To Do list.

I am planning on sharing all the details very soon!

Is time flying in your neck of the woods? Because it is here! Way too quickly, January was history and there was not a blog post to show for it, and then February happened.

So this is me playing catch up again!

According to my monthly photo stream, here is what we've been up too.

We were all excited to hear that we were going to have a snow event here (winter storm Jonas), but unfortunately it happened on Barrett's birthday weekend so all of our birthday plans weren't able to happen. Barrett wasted not time hopping in her car and heading home from Chapel Hill Thursday night as soon as she heard that her classes were going to be canceled on Friday the 22nd.  Brooke and Mr. E were supposed to drive from DC, but because of the amount of snow that area was expecting, coming home was no longer an option. Brittany was home and fortunately did not have to work (she is a nurse and works nightshift).  So we had a snowed in birthday party - very quiet, warm and cozy.

this is all sleet and ice 

Barrett's roommate decorated her car

Bubbles (indoor cat) didn't move from his bed in front of the fireplace. 

There you go Angela!

Barrett would not let anyone even think about baking her a birthday cake. She loves to bake and was looking forward to doing it herself. She made a fresh pineapple, ginger, orange bundt cake with a lime glaze that was poured on it while it was warm. 
Guys, it was one of the best cakes I have ever tasted! 
Every flavor I love was right there in one cake! 

Because we were "iced in" (pun intended) and couldn't get to a store we had to make due with one pitiful little candle! 
Big mom fail!
(Sorry Bear!)

It is blurry, but I love this picture of her laughing! 

Has anyone watched "Grace and Frankie" on Netflix? If not, you need to do so!
I laugh so much at that show because it reminds me of my girls. 
We have two Graces in our house and one Frankie. 
Guess who is Frankie!
That is a picture of Barrett slicing her cake and Brittany...being Brittany.

Game night!

Art and I went to the Carolina Panther's game against the Cardinals. 
It was so much fun and exciting especially because it was the game that put them in the Super Bowl.
The entire fourth quarter was nothing but a dance party and slow build up to a huge celebration.

Keep Pounding!

Brooke made it home from DC for a few days! 
It is always good to spend a  few days with all the girls together.  

Brandon made it to Raleigh the same weekend and Brittany finally wrangled him into 
sitting down and doing some wedding stuff. He asked his friends to be groomsmen with a gift wrapped in brown paper, leather strings and a card that said, "Time To Suit Up". 

I am so glad it is March and we are inching our way towards longer days and spending time outside!
I cannot wait to get the pool uncovered, plant flowers and rock on the porch at night. 
We've had a few sneak peak spring days and they have been wonderful! 

Lola is obsessed with this soccer ball!

I am obsessed with these pink cherry blossoms in the front yard!

Thumbs up to SPRING.......

and catching up on blogging!