May 29, 2014


We spent four days at the beach for Memorial Day weekend. 
The dogs, cat, Barrett and I left Raleigh Friday midmorning. 
Art left Raleigh mid afternoon.
Brittany and two of her friends left around 4:30 PM
(along with the rest of Raleigh that was headed to the beach).  

Because of soccer and my dad's surgery our spring weekends at the beach have been nonexistent.
It was so so SO good to get back there!

I spent Friday afternoon here….

on the back deck taking in the sun and sights of the canal.  
Our view of the canal is just about gone because of the palm trees. 
They are now blocking our view and need to grow a few feet taller so we can see the water from our rockers again. 

We also have a front porch that overlooks the street and other houses. 
I have four chairs out there and that is where I love to sit alone. 
I couldn't wait to hang my new "happy summer" flag and sit out there and unwind. 

Because of our schedule on Friday, we ordered pizza and sat out crackers and cheese
and everyone grazed and ate as theygot there. 

Meet Tucker.

He belongs to one of Brittany's friends and he came to spend the weekend with Lola and Charlie. 
They all got along so well and I loved having him there. 
I tried and tried to get that perfect picture of the three of them, but it was not going to happen.  
This is in our (little) backyard. 
Our neighbors have two dogs and this is the corner and section of the fence where they go to  meet up, gossip and argue. 

We had beautiful, humidity free weather all weekend
spent a lot of time on the beach. 

Barrett is reading the Game of Thrones series and I am so envious. 
I do not have her reading skills and interest.  
I would never start and book/series that long because it would take me forever to finish it. 
While I love reading, it makes me so sleepy. 
She can read and read and read………..

We put our hammock out by the canal, under the palms when we are there. 
Three pages of a book, the sound of the water and I am out…..

….like I said, it takes me forever to read a book. 

I planted all of my flower pots over Easter weekend. 
I was worried that they would be all dried up and dead since we haven't been able to be there, but they survived and looked pretty good. I guess there have been enough thunder storms and showers to keep them going.  

I have BIG plans for that pot of basil on the right, some garlic and shrimp! 

I have hydrangeas finally!
There are no deer to eat them there!

They are one of my favorite flowers. 
We planted them and landscaped this side of our house last year and I am loving it!

 I don't care that the calendar says that summer isn't quite here yet.
It is for us. 
Barrett's last day of school is tomorrow and we will be beach bound again tomorrow at 3:30. 

Happy summer!

May 20, 2014


Well, look at me……blogging again!

Go me!

I ran out of storage space on my iPhone and so I need to spend some time cleaning it up 
and deleting some of the 2,500 photos.
I think I could spend a month just posting pictures of the food I 
have taken pictures of
then after that I could post tons of pictures of my dogs and cat.  

Here are some of my favorites,
in no particular order:

Charlie….he knows how to sleep….

Barrett, trying on her prom dress, trying to make her final decision. 
DON'T read her lips……or body language! 
(I guess I take too many pictures.)

"Mom, does this look okay on me?'
"No my child it does not."
"So you would not wear this if you were me?"
"You are my child, and I love you….but, NO! You are not wearing that out of this house!"

My cute beach nappin' buddies

We looked all over the beach house for Bubbles.
He knew we were getting ready to head home because we started taking things to our car.
He knew he was going to be stuck in his crate for three hours

Me and another mom did the soccer team lunch on Saint Patrick's Day

Hubs is only handy if…..

it means he is hooking up that mammoth TV he had to have at the beach….

but that is okay, it IS the beach! 

We'll take it! 
(50% off the sale price)

 Charlie and Lola expect a treat every time the pantry door is opened. 

I wish I knew more about french wine…..
I shared this wine on my 27th anniversary….
(May 2nd)

also this swan cream puff

with my handsome husband
our favorite French restaurant. 

I woke up the next morning and took needed this glorious picture…..

on this glorious thing…

and burned this many calories….

while he sunbathed on the floor beside me. 

Charlie…… there he is again……

doing his thing!  

May 19, 2014


The last time we went to the beach was Easter week. 
Barrett had the week off of school and she, I and the dogs spent it there.
With all that has been going on, we just haven't had the time to get there, 
but we are going this week! 

Easter week was a bit cool there, but we still enjoyed it. 

Lola is addicted to her soccer ball.  
She goes bonkers when she sees it and whines. 
She whines until someone will play with her.
She won't stop until you hide the ball from her. 

She was quite upset when it went into the canal. 
Art had to fish it out for her. 

The whole family was there.

Brooke and Mr. E flew in from DC. 
He fits in well. 

Art's sister came and spent the weekend with us. 
Shee fits in well with our craziness too. 

We cooked ribs in the smoker……

Charlie does not like to play with balls (or toys).
He likes food.
He kept peeping over the table when Art would take them out of the smoker to basted them.
He kept watch over the smoker. 
He was rewarded for his patience help cuteness! 

I spy some barbeque sauce on his whiskers! 

The weather is supposed to be really warm this weekend and I am so ready for it! 

I have been bound to home for so long,
I cannot wait to be beach bound!

May 16, 2014


My dad had open heart surgery. 

(in recovery/ICU)

He had a heart valve replacement and a triple bypass.
This was elective not an emergency type situation.

(ICU 24 hours after surgery)

He lives in NC, but in another town about an hour and a half away.
I/we have been commuting back and forth and staying there with him.  

My dad is doing great.
He is home, taking care of himself and even walking around the block.
He cannot drive for six weeks - thats gonna be the hardest part.
I will go next week to take him to his two doctor appointments if none else can.

That's where I've been! 
I've sat down to blog lots and lots of times, but my brain wouldn't cooperate. 
Sitting around is hard work!
Hopefully I am getting back into the routine.  

I've missed my routine. 

I came home yesterday.
I white knuckled it all the way because it was raining…..hard….really really hard.
I don't believe I went over 45 mph and thank goodness neither did anyone else out there on the interstate. 
It was scary. 

I wanted to get home in time to see Barrett off to the 
Baccalaureate service at her school for the seniors. 
She is a junior marshal.
The top ten students in the junior class were given the honor.
Her hard work is paying off. 

She got the distinct honor of handing out programs! Ha! Ha!

She also led the seniors into the auditorium and had to sit "on display" (her words) on the stage during the service. 

She doesn't think it is such a big deal,
but I do. 
I am very proud of her and know just how hard she has worked for that blue and gold sash 
new white dress! 

Good job Bear!