Aug 13, 2010


Back in my college days one of the most popular songs was
Missing You by John Waite.

I dedicate that song to #2. 
I just want her to know that I AM NOT MISSING HER AT ALL
since we took her just over fifteen miles away to her college home away from home last weekend. 
Nope, I ain't missing her at all. 

Last Friday night, since her dad was out of town, she came and crawled in bed with me declaring she wanted to sleep with me since it was her last night at home. Her bedtime partner, #3, was right behind her and tucked herself into the middle of us.
I watched #2 reach up and turn off the lamp beside her and it was like, all of a sudden, her summer was over. 
It went dark. 

I laid there, still,  in the dark, so happy that she thought about me, wondering where the summer went and so happy that I was clinging to the edge of the bed. I would have stayed like that forever if I knew that meant the sun would not come up and that we would not have to get on with the show the next morning. 

But, life does not happen like that and sometimes it does not do us any favors.
The alarm went off, it was Saturday, 
and we had business to take care of. 
She had college to attend to.

Before I woke her up, I had to take a picture.

And before she left, she had to give Charlie and Lola a hug or two.

Okay.... her dad owes me big time....

he was not here to help....

and it was HOT as blazes....
and I am not a patient person....
and I do not like to sweat after I am showered and dressed.

This is the way we found her tiny little sorority room. 
We moved the furniture around at least four times trying out which way gave both her and her roommate the most room. 
As it turned out, there was no way that gave them room. 
The room was still itty bitty no matter how we stacked things up.

This is the little walk in closet that #2 and her roommate will share. 
It just looks big now.
#2 two has never had to share anything, so this will be interesting. 

Like I said, the Man of the House owes me big time. 
We could not get the risers under the bed posts and the bed pushed up against the wall all at the same time. #3 crawled under the bed while #2 stood on top of the furniture and tried to lift and hold up the bed. I guess I should of helped.... instead of taking pictures. 
I was so afraid of there being some kind of head injury.

In the end, I did help.
#2 and #3 had to crawl under the bed and pretty much bench press the bed up with their legs while they positioned the risers. I  stood away from the danger and held the bed up and directed. We ended up using three risers stacked up on top of each other to raise the bed enough to put a set of drawers underneath. 
We still may put cinder blocks underneath the bed this weekend. 

Since her roommate was not coming until Sunday, #2 decided to come home on Saturday night and go back Sunday morning......
which gave us enough time on Saturday night to go on a major shopping spree. 
During the decorating process, #2 had a meltdown and decided that the leftover dorm decor from last year was no longer her style and being the good sport that I am, I agreed. 
Thank goodness for Homegoods and Bed Bath and Beyond and those big blue coupons. 

We also stopped by Target to get a shelving unit to put by the door as you walk in. 

This is what #2  and Lola did when we got home....

and this is what #3 did.....

she put together an entire storage unit all by herself.

She evidentially is the talented one in the family.

We wanted to get things squared away before the roommate arrived from Virginia on Sunday, so we woke up early and went back to the sorority house.
We ended up moving one of the dressers into the closet to give the girls more room in the actual bedroom. 

Low and behold..... the Man of the House arrived after all of the heavy lifting was done. 
We still put him to work hanging a few pictures and shelves. 
The girls and I smiled at each other, behind his back, when he had a lot trouble with one of the shelves and screws not being centered......
serves him right. 

The roommate was just getting there and getting things put away as we were finishing up.
This is the unit that #3 put together and it was perfect in the space by the door. 

The room is still a little bare.

We ordered a giant  monogram (decal) to go over the bed and it is supposed to come in tomorrow and we still need to fill in some empty spaces. 

I also have to paint a hutch to go on the desk (didn't find out that we had to bring our own hutch until last weekend). I started it in the garage yesterday, but it is HOT as you know what here, the humidity is 1000% and the paint wasn't drying. So I am going to wait a little bit. Hopefully this weekend it cools down to 95' (sarcasm) so I can tolerate being out there for more than five minutes at a time. 

The comforter is an eggplant color with some gathers and rosettes, but it does not show up in the picture. 
It is much prettier in person.

She was a happy camper when we left her there Sunday.  :(

I have not seen the room since her roommate got her side decorated and organized and I cannot wait. 
They have had a lot of compliments and comments that it looks like a real home and not a 
college room. 

There are a few things on my list to go and get before the weekend .... which means tomorrow I will be shopping again...

picture frames for shelves
"cute" lamp for wall unit
lamp for desk
cork board
hooks for belts and necklaces
and so on

I will share pictures when we get done.

 I still want you to know #2, I ain't missing you at all
.... since you've been gone. 


Leelee said...

Loved this post!! I just did THE SAME THING last week, except the sorority house is 3 hours away....but it was my old room,so that made it okay (and so strange)....those beds are so hard to raise, we brought a mallet hammer this year. I was excited that I could use that extra long dust ruffle again...they have a whole storage system hidden under those beds, don't they? Lucky that you can put a monogram sticker on the wall, we wanted to, but not allowed.... :( I miss my girl, but all that hard work made me too exhausted to be sad on the ride home!!

Joyce said...

I am going to be helping my daughter2 move into her apt next weekend. Hubs is staying home because he needs to be in his office and she can't move her stuff in until Monday...I wish they had given us the weekend then I wouldn't be doing this solo.

She has stuff in her sister's apt and a huge amount of stuff in a storage unit and a small car. Plus, the parking lot is a fair walk from the building and of course she is on the second floor. Good time ahead!

Mine got new bedding too-my sister just recently said, 'Boy, you must have a lot of bedding!' Yes. We do. I love her new stuff though. I'm a sucker for pretty bedding : )

I'm sure it feels good to have the move mostly done. And of course you are not missing her at all.

Liz Wilkey (a.k.a. A Mom on Spin) said...

I think you are the anti-me!

I plan on the employing the drive-by drop off when we take our children next week. . .

MCW said...

I just got teary eyed reading about you lying in bed with your girls hoping to stay there forever! I know that is exactly how my mother feels. We still all pile into their bed Christmas morning (with her 2 grandkids) and I think that is her favorite moment of the year!

I used to LOVE decorating my dorm and the rooms in my sorority house!!!

Carrie B said...

{sigh} All that starts for me in 2 weeks. Although the first one out is Mr.18 who has NO interest in cute anything. Of course.
Daughter is in a house this year sharing a bedroom for the first time in her life also. Luckily all she wanted was a new comforter that will work with the existing pillows. Oh, but we do need the mattress, a dresser, a bike. . .
And even luckier Son #1 is just moving back in so all he has is clothes and is happy to fly solo while doing it. Yay!

Darla DiStefano said...

oh, it looks wonderful! How you must miss your sweet girl but thankfully she is only a short distance away! And yay for your talented little #3! :-)

preppyplayer said...

I think the process of moving them in, helping them nest DOES make it easier for them AND us to separate.
And you know what I have figured out?
If these tiny dorm rooms were bigger? They would just bring... MORE stuff!

Love Being A Nonny said...

I can tell you ain't missing her!!:)

I did this for ten years kidding. We did not have a college/apartment move in break for ten straight years!!!! And I loved every hot, exhausting minute of it...especially with my daughter! They love a cute room. It is amazing what they can do with a little space to make it work! love the cubby shelf right by the door...what a great idea. We put the dresser in the closet many times and the space it created was wonderful! I love the piece of molding around the room to hang things. We broke the no nail hole rule many times. This solves that it!!

Can't wait to see it after you return to finish it!