Aug 22, 2010


I  am a slow learner. I know not to leave ANYTHING down low or out these days, but I have learned it the hard way. My two little big puppies are in a chewing stage and nothing is safe. I still am in mourning over my Eliza B's and Jack Rogers. Well, my computer cord met its' fate early last week and I have been computerless because of a dead battery until yesterday. I made two trips to the Apple store, but because of all of the students moving into the universities around the area they have been sold out of a lot of things. But all is well now and I have a lot of catching up to do. 

Last Sunday night (one week ago) was #3's last night of summer and it was time for the Odom's annual picture taking night and Nutty Buddies on the porch. We have been doing this for over ten years and we wouldn't let a little college and distance get in the way. #2 came home from school to spend the day with her sisters. #1 was still here in town and wasn't going to back to school until midweek. 

We took some pictures out on the porch before we took  #3 out to eat to her favorite sushi restaurant. 

Pull out a camera and the prepping begins! Girls will be girls!

My three girls are all grown up!

We made the Man of the House sit for a picture (or two).

And then we wrestled with Lola and Charlie until we got a decent picture of them.

After seeing this..... I am rededicating myself to the gym
and it is not going to be easy or pretty.

#1 will be 21 in less than three months,

#2 is 19

and #3 is a mature 13 year old.

After getting back from eating we headed back out onto the porch for our Nutty Buddies and to watch the sun go down.

Charlie wanted to "chew" on a Nutty Buddy too.

The night was short and the alarms went off way to early the next morning. 
I am not a morning person and am more of a night owl, so it was pure torture to have to hit the floor running at 6 AM. Making breakfast and lunch that early is something that I have never looked forward to. 
#3 was, as usual, right on time and ready to go right on time.
I took a few pictures before she and her dad took off to go pick up the other kids in the carpool.
(He is such a great dad!!)

And there she was, all dressed and ready to go conquer the eighth grade. 
So sweet and beautiful!


Tales From My Empty Nest said...

I have missed hearing from you! Glad you are back up and running. The girls are beautiful, as always. And you look so pretty in your picture too! Love your haircut! The dogs sure have grown, but I know you will be glad when they have outgrown the chewing stage. Can't believe that #3 is in the 8th grade. I guess #1 and #2 are settled in at college. Have a nice week. Love & blessings from NC!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Your girls are such beautiful young ladies! Omg....#3 has grown up so much since I started reading your blog! Love all the look awesome by the way! Hard to believe summer is at it's end. I hope she has a great 8th grade!

Joyce said...

Sweet pictures...your girls are beautiful!

So glad to see you back : )

MCW said...

#3 is looking so much older since you started blogging! 8th
Love the Nutty Buddies...

Leelee said...

I just love back to school cream on the porch....lots of pictures...we do the back to school day pictures for my younger daughters (15, 13) my 17 year old son reneges on the photo ops...

Love your sweet puppies...what kind are they? I am hoping for a maltipoo for Christmas...hope they aren't shoe chewers...I love my shoes!!

Hope your fall goes well...we have no cool weather in sight...hope y'all have been getting cooler temps!!