Feb 11, 2014


This is the view my husband is enjoying this week:

This is what those of us he left at home are expecting tomorrow:

Been there already done that once before.

We lost power during an ice storm years ago for five days.
Here at our house that means we not only have no electricity, but we also have no water

My wonderful husband missed that entire episode.
He was strolling around the San Antonio Riverwalk.
He pulled in the driveway thirty minutes after the power came back on.
he came home empty handed…. no roses or diamonds or hot takeout food or

Tonight we are going to bed with our bathtubs full of water.
We will at least be able to use that water to flush the toilets if we do loose power.
We did a battery and flashlight check this afternoon
bought the last gallon of fat free organic milk at the grocery store.

So bring on the snow and ice tomorrow……
 and dear husband, you bring on the presents!


Love Being A Nonny said...

LOVE this post! You need to send it as an email attachment JUST IN CASE he doesn't read your blog! :)

Simply LKJ said...

Ha, love it! Looks the same here!! And it is still coming down. Fortunately, we have water and power for now. Stay warm!!

MCW said...

Enjoy the snow! Hopefully you keep power and can stay cozy inside.

Anonymous said...

I feel you! I am looking at 14+ inches of snow and still coming down at my home in Maryland while my husband is playing golf in Florida. Definitely something wrong with this picture!!!

Pink in a sea of blue said...

I had the alternative. A husband working from home shooshing us when he was on his conference calls yesterday. Ha! So thankful for the sunshine this morning! I hope our Valentine plans are still on tonight even though my hair apt is off. :( This is too much snow for Raleigh!

Formerly known as Frau said...

I hope this storm was more gentle this time around but sounds like you were prepared! It's really been an unbelievable winter even for us in Buffalo where snow is expected! I'm so ready for spring and green grass! Have a wonderful weekend!