May 1, 2009


Let the countdown begin!!
Prom is tomorrow night and #2 is so excited,
she may need to be medicated!

I am sure that there is nothing of educational value
going on in the classrooms today,
nothing that the girls will remember. They are too excited to learn anything!

I think we are ready.
The dress has been hemmed.
We found the perfect earrings earlier this week.
Hair appointment has been made, although I tried to talk her into wearing it down,
she didn't want to be the only one with "plain hair".
The flowers have been ordered..... hope we don't forget to pick them up in the morning!
purse, shoes, eye shadow, mints, camera.....
and of course, a really cute date.


Thought I'd join in on Kelly's fun. Today is the first day so I am scoring 100% in participation so far! I am not sure if I'll get to it every Friday. At least it is a good way to assure that there is at least one picked up room in the house for the weekend!!


looking from the family room
You can see the one thing that is so irritating to me in this picture...the black fridge. Everything else is stainless. We bought our appliances directly through GE because the man of the house works in the construction industry and does business with them. The only thing was that the appliances were shipped directly to us and we had to install them ourselves and the fridge was shipped with the stainless panels unattached. The directions say to drill holes into the doors of the fridge on the top and bottom. There is no way the man of the house was going to do this and I am afraid to get someone to come in and do it for us. Since we didn't purchase the fridge from them, and if they made a mistake, I think we would be pretty much SOL. I don't really know what to do about it. I HATE that it doesn't match the others, but I don't want to drill holes in my refrigerator. Any ideas?

coming into the kitchen from the side entry/garage/laundry room

(Why is this underlined?? and How do I get it off??)
This granite is only about a year old. It is really neat to look at. There is a lot of pattern and movement in it. I was worried about the big white areas in it, but now I think it adds character. Up close you can see little specs of red. 

And here is my kitchen in action!
The man of the house informed me that we needed to try to not go out to eat as often as we do because of.....the economy, two kids in college, I want to redo a few rooms.....
So I informed him, if that was the case, he and the girls would have to step up to the plate and take over dinner COMPLETELY one night of the weekend. I didn't want to plan, shop, prepare, cook or clean. The whole reason for me loving to go out is that it is time off for me, sometimes it is the only meal I eat sitting down during the week.

 So here is my family in action a few weeks ago. 

#3 with the onion googles on
you need these if you don't already have them

working hard or hardly working?

don't they look happy?

#1 thinks the only thing that is keeping her from being 
America's Next Top Model is her height.
She is short.
#2 is letting her know that the real reason is that she "has no skills"

I wonder what's for dinner this week???


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

I love your counter tops and the floors. Beautiful kitchen!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Sue said...

I usually don't like wood cupboards but yours are to die for!! Love the commentary on your family, heehe!

P.S. Click the "LillySue" link at Kelly's and come visit my kitchen!

Heather said...

I love your kitchen!! So cute!!! the counter tops are gorgeous!!

southerninspiration said...

Fabulous kitchen, hilarious family!


Sar(Mrs.Teddy) said...

Great kitchen! I love the floors & cabinets, esp the island colour! The glass door one is great too! Thanks for sharing!

Mama J said...

I just wanted to say that I don't think your fridge looks bad at all! Being dark it actually blends in. Plus, you don't have fingerprints all over it!

LuAnn said...

What a fun kitchen and family. Love the kitchen too. Thanks!

Unknown said...

That granite is THE BOMB! Love the pottery too!

Ashley said...

I heart your windows and shutters!!! Thank you for opening up your home.

Pam Bowers said...

Gorgeous kitchen.I love seeing it put to your kids and hubs. Priceless!

sportzmom said...

I love your kitchen! You asked about my bar stools...I got them through the decorator that my builder (who did my renovation) uses. She just ordered them for me-I think you have to be a decorator to order from this company. Anyway, they were less money than a lot of the ones I looked at. If you are interested in ordering them, e-mail me ( I cannot find the paperwork right now, but will call the decorator and get the info if you want. Have a great weekend and a great prom!

Jane! said...

Love your kitchen. Especially the way you have other people to cook for you. Hehe.
That granite IS very cool.

Formerly known as Frau said...

Love the kitchen, so nice! Love the idea of family taking turns cooking! I hope prom goes well for your daughter. Have a great weekend!

Andrea said...

Love your floors. Your kitchen is great and even better is the fact that your family is doing the cooking. I am jealous! :)

Twice as Nice said...

Love your kitchen. I wish I had a prep sink and granite. Looks like you have a fun family!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Love your kitchen. It is beautiful! We are in a similar situation with our front door. My husband had a man that is a customer of his volunteer to paint our new front door. But he painted it wrong. It is now black on the inside and white on the outside. Oh well, there are other things to get upset about. Right?
Hope the prom went well. I am way behind on blogging, due to moving my daughter home from college. Love & blessings from NC!

Kristen said...

You have a gorgeous kitchen - it's so nice but still feels warm and cozy. Love all that cabinet space too! Your family looks like a lot of fun...the girls cooking cracked me up!

Karyn said...

Beautiful-the kitchen and the family!

Jocelyn said...

Very cute kitchen... I'm getting new grantie counters and a travertine/glass backsplash in my kitchen next week and can't wait!!