May 8, 2009


We are having a end of the year party for #3's soccer team tomorrow, so this week I have been 
busy getting things around the house done. I really wanted to get all of my planters and pots planted because the party is a pool party and everyone will be spending a lot of time outside on the patio and around the pool. The week has flown by. 

#1 is home from college........and so is all of her stuff!!!
How did all of that stuff fit in that tiny dorm room?
Today she has been given the "order" to not stop or leave her room until it is all organized and put away in the attic. There is no sense in dragging this out!!!
 She is not very motivated.

Today is living room day in Kelly's "Show Us Where You Live" house tour.

I have a living room in the front of the house that really needs to be spruced up. We never go in that room, it is pretty much unused space....or most of the time it is a storage room. #3 goes in there to practice piano and that is about it. I have plans to convert that room to an office for the MOTH. That way it would be used more. It is low on my list of priorities right now.

This is the room that we call the "den". Our kitchen and den are opened to each other.

behind the kitchen island, looking into the den

coming in the backdoor

coming from the foyer

This room was just painted brown about a month ago and it is a little in limbo right now.
I haven't hung all of the pictures back on the walls because I am looking for some sort of wall unit or armoire to go on that big empty wall and I don't want to hang anything up until I get that all figured out. When we painted, I also got rid of a older green chair. I need to replace it with another one and add some color when I do. 

Anyhow, this is a quick post because I have tons to do and too m any errands to run today!

Have a great weekend!!


southerninspiration said...

I think it looks very nice and cozy. I have been trying to get people to show me their couches, so this is helpful to me. I am looking at getting a couch similar in color to yours. Is it hard to keep a light colored couch clean? I am in terrible need of replacing it, but have been paralyzed by indecision! Aackk....and good for you for choosing to make your living room into an office for what works for you. So many of us have a more formal living area that is hardly used.


Alphabet Soup Momma said...

Love your mantel and fireplace area! Thaks for sharing!

Elizabeth said...

Looks great. I love the built-in bookcases!

Anonymous said...

I love it! The built-in's, the pretty white trim, the colors, everything. It's lovely.

Carrie said...

Nice living room! I love the wall color!

Cheri said...

I really like your living room. What a bold but nice wall color!! And your couches - is that butter gold chenille or something equally soft? Great job!

Mommyto3andahusky said...

what a beautiful home! :)

Kristen said...

Looks great! I love the wall color and I'm so jealous you have a transom window in your house! I love those.

The Muse said...

i certainly adore all the natural light....and the transom is fantastic...!

Your furniture layout has made the best use of space as well!