Dec 29, 2014


Christmas has come and gone again

The Odom family had a great Christmas. I don't know how to respectfully represent it here in a blog post. Having older children that have to work on the actual day that says "Christmas" on the calendar takes some getting used to. Brooke, who is a flight attendant was scheduled to work days just before and after Christmas. Brittany, who is a NICU nurse, and low on the totum pole was scheduled to work on Christmas Eve night and the day after Christmas. Fortunately, they both had four days off before Christmas Eve.  So we celebrated the Saturday, Sunday and Monday before Christmas. 

I had all of my girls home and I loved it. I didn't care what day it was or what the calendar said.  All of the BF's were there too. So it was noisy, messy and so much fun! 

So here is how we celebrated Christmas, and then some:

We had our house decorated early this year and we all enjoyed our nights watching TV with the Christmas tree and fireplace glowing. 

Bubbles loves sleeping under the tree. 
Somehow this year the cat ornaments were on the bottom branches and Bubbles ended up claiming it as his spot. 

I took a few pictures with my iPhone of some of the other decorations in the house, they aren't great pictures...

We have a big southern front porch.
It is a lot of upkeep, but I love decorating it for Christmas. 
This year I stuffed our (decorative) mailbox with greenery and presents. 

This is what the door area looked like. It has looked the same for several years. I wanted to do something different this year, but honestly just got lazy.  
Maybe next year. 

(We had about fifteen minutes of snow - look closely and you can see the snowflakes.)

The snowman's head turns back and forth and I think it bothered the dogs. 
Charlie and Lola spent most nights going in and out........and they were not all that coordinated.

They spent most of days waiting by the front door waiting to be let out. 

Barrett is such a trooper. 
I am so blessed to have her as my daughter. 
Many days after school, she went shopping with me and tried on things for the older girls.
Shopping for three girls is very very hard. 

 A few times, Art would leave work and come by the mall to meet us for dinner at Brio.
(There some benefits to being the only child at home!)

Barrett and I love cooking together and one night, of course while Art was out of town and it was pouring rain and very very cold, she cut the tip of her finger OFF.....
as in a part of her finger was on the counter
( I have pictures if you wan to see them!)

We both were in shock.

There was an unbelievable amount of blood for over four hours, a lot of squealing, a lot of debate about going to the ER and I am pretty sure we both saw stars at the same time. 
We rallied and gathered ourselves.

No stitches required, because there was nothing to stitch back together!

Barrett's finger made doing things a little difficult. 
She worked on our "house" the next night. 
I guess technically our house can't be called a gingerbread house because it is not gingerbread. 
Several years ago I found this plastic form and it has been a lot of fun decorating year after year. 
I took a gingerbread house baking/making class many years ago and before finding this house I designed and made houses from scratch.
One day I hope to do it again, but until then this one will do. 

Barrett wanted this year's house to be fun and preppy, because her upcoming cookie exchange
was going to have a preppy theme. 

Love the iced animal crackers as the roof!

Barrett did a great job planning her cookie exchange.
 Twenty friends from her school came on Saturday morning. 

She made cranberry oatmeal cookies.

Saturday afternoon Brooke got home from DC. 
Mr. E came with her.

We had what we called "Odom Eve" on Sunday night.
One of Brooke's oldest and best friends came and spent some time with us. 
She and Brooke went to preschool together. 
She is in the peace corps and we haven't seen her in a long long time.

BF1 also came.
(Brittany got home earlier Sunday after working the night shift Saturday night. 

I loved just hanging back and watching all of my girls catch up with each other and have fun with everyone else. 

Monday morning was our Christmas.

Mr E was up early and even wore his Christmas sweater! 
He was excited about his helicopter Brooke gave him! 

Art made his traditional fresh from the farm sausage and biscuits. 
He has been doing this since the two older girls were toddlers and the girls always insist on this tradition to be carried out every year. 

(we also have punch!)

We stayed in our PJ's for most of the day and played games. 

Tuesday evening we had to stop pretending and had to get back to real life. 
Brittany had to return to her apartment and get ready for working the night shift on Christmas Eve. 
Brooke went on call at midnight and had to go back to DC.

So the real Christmas Eve was quiet. 
I sat on the porch because it was warm - too warm.
There were moths flying around the snowflake lights and the frogs were caroling in the woods. 

We (Art, Barrett and I) went to my dad's house on Christmas Day.
Brittany met us there.

 We took the dogs and cat with us because when we left there we were driving to the beach house. 
Lola was totally rocking her Santa bow! 
She is such a priss pot. 

It was beautiful at the beach! 
Art played golf everyday and Barrett and I walked on the beach and looked for shells. 

We are home in Raleigh now for a few days, but are headed back to the beach for New Year's . 
We are having an oyster roast there with family and friends.
There'll be plenty - so come if you can!


Simply LKJ said...

Your home looked so warm and inviting. And yes, having adult children changes things, but it is always such a blessing to have them home no matter the day. So sorry to hear about Barrett's finger...ouch!! Praying it heals up soon. I know how much she loves to cook.

Preppy Empty Nester said...

Lisa... loved all your pics!!How come my girls don't look as good as yours in the am? Not even close. Looks like such a fun holiday and your house looks beautiful. Happy New Year!

Gina said...

Looks like a wonderful Christmas and I love the Waterlogue pictures. Your girls are beautiful! I love Lola and Charlie - so cute!

cathy @ said...

You have such a lovely blog! Not quite sure how I stumbled on to it, but it's very sweet!!

MCW said...

Those high school girls are so pretty! I look back at pictures and think "how did we walk out of the house that way???"

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!