Sep 1, 2009


Mr. Bubbles is an indoor cat.
We take him outside a little each week to allow him to connect with his inner tiger. He is so ferocious and brave. Saturday, as he was sunning himself, he had this strange feeling that something was watching him.


Mr. Bubbles did all he could to ignore him....

but, the deer wouldn't go away. He wouldn't budge.


Here they are staring each other down.
Oh Bubbs, you are so intimidating!


Time for a sneak attack.
Bubbles was going to nonchalantly walk around the tree, creep through the vines
and get this guy from behind.

No such luck Bubbles!
I think he is on to you!!

The fawn was so calm and curious about all of us.
#3 waited patiently for it to come to her.
It did ease up to her and smell her hand (she held it out) but I didn't get a picture
I was afraid to move or make any noise. Everytime I would start to raise my camera, it would take a few steps away.

Don't let the sweet innocence fool you...... remember our garden?



Tales From My Empty Nest said...

What adorable pictures!!! Tonight as we were going to dinner, we looked up and there were 5 young deer in someone's yard right in the city. They just stood there and were not the least bit afraid. I love to see deer and I don't know how anyone could shoot them. Love & blessings from NC!

preppyplayer said...

Tis the season!
Although we never see just one, they come thru in a small herd.
I love how nonchalant your cat looks :)

Frau said...

Yes I remember your poor garden...friend or foe? They are cute little Bambi aren't they! Great pictures.

Love Being a Nonny said...

You and your deer!!! I cannot believe how close that deer got to #3! You can tell they are comfortable. That's scary! I guess they remember your garden and are coming back for more!

Beth Dunn said...

Great pics! xoxo

Joyce said...

Great pictures! The deer are frustrating in a garden but they sure are cute.

Perhaps they were just checking to see if they might have missed something in your garden the last time they were there.