Jul 20, 2009


Meet my deer friends. 

Aren't they cute?
(This picture was taken early spring)

That is what we thought when we first moved into our house 1o years ago.
It was such a beautiful sight to look out of your window in the morning and see
deer just a a few feet away. 

Well, we are over that.

They are not easy to live with.
They are so destructive. 



They eat everything!

We are having the most incredible weather here in NC and Friday we were eating dinner out on the patio, something that is usually very uncomfortable to do in mid July.  I looked over towards our cute little veggie garden and saw this.

Someone else was having dinner. 

#3 took off towards the garden and The Man of the House followed.

Our guest left without thanking us.

We surveyed the damage and were relieved that only the cucumbers had taken a little hit. 
The peppers were okay (for now).

#3 and her dad mended the tomatoes and staked them back up. 

We prayed over our 30 tomatoes.

We sprayed Deer Off and hung more moth balls around the fence before we went to bed. 
We've dealt with the deer long enough to know that once they discover something, it is as good as gone. You might as well put it on a serving platter and give it to them. 

This is what was left Saturday morning.

They were nice enough to leave us this one.


Frau said...

OMG I can't believe they ate it all!! They are so cute but there must be a way to stop them? Can you hunt on your own property? Sorry!

Joyce said...

Oh your tomatoes...how sad that is!

We have lots of deer but between our yard and the woods is a very steep hillside...the hillside is quite wild and my husband would like to clear it but that is where the deer seem to eat so it kinda works to keep them out of the yard.

The groundhogs though...my husband is plotting something I think : )