Jul 9, 2009


#2 went to Jamaica on a mission trip with our church's youth group. She has gone on a mission trip every summer since her middle school years. For their senior trip they go to Jamaica. Our church has adopted a family there and has been slowly building a home for them. Also, the kids did some construction work for the family's church. They built a big cement pad that the church will use for EVERYTHING. 
#2 took over 400 pictures and she was so kind to share every one of them after getting home around 1AM.  

The 5 hour delay in Miami
(coming and going)

This is the "Wolfpack" sign.
All of these kids are headed to NC State in the fall. 

#2 and some of the children that live in the house.
You gotta love the little guy peeping in the back.

Their house 

Adding on a room

She enjoyed these kids so much. 
She loved it when they would go and sit with her and just talk.
I bet she could teach them a few things about life.
She has lived in the same one room house all of her life and is raising her grandkids
and other family members.

Moving Mountains

This girl was getting married but didn't have a wedding dress.
There was no way the girls were going to let this happen.
They took her into town, bought her a dress and shoes,  got her hair done and a manicure.
She looks beautiful!

He's falling asleep during a church service!

A sweet good-bye
(Notice the puffy eyes....here comes the mono!)


Frau said...

What an amazing opportunity! You are raising some fine young women! Good Job Mom.

Love Being a Nonny said...

What a precious thing to do for a new bride. She will NEVER forget their kindness. That kindness pointed her to Jesus!

His Doorkeeper said...

Love to hear about kids and their mission trips. The bride story is the BEST! What a precious work of love they showed!

I just wanted to comment on the comment you left on my daughter's blog(Kelly) about dealing with crying when dropping off a child to college.

When we dropped our son off his freshman year at TEX A&M ( a long way from here in N. AR) I cried all the way home!!! He's 32 now and married!

Moms are just Moms no matter how old the kids are, right??

Kelly's Mom, Judy