Jul 31, 2009


When it rains...... it pours!

We have been without AC upstairs for over a week. 
Our AC unit needed to replaced, as well as some of the duct work in the attic.
We had to do upgrade our duct work to get some kind of government credit so it is a big messy and expensive job. 
Thank you Big Government!

We had to move things from our attic to the second floor and stack them up in all of the bedrooms. The house has never been such a wreck! 

The installers have been at our house for the past four days. 
I have been at our house for the past four days.
This was the week I was going to finish up all of our back to school shopping so that we could enjoy the last two weeks of summer doing some fun things.

Yesterday, one of the installers decided to drop in unexpectedly.

These are pictures from the first floor looking up at the second floor ceiling. 

Have no fear....
someone will be here all next week to repair and paint the ceiling.

So glad that our ceiling is going to be nice and crisp and freshly painted, while the hallway walls and woodwork are going to look scuffed and grimy. 

Like I said,
when it rains, it pours.

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Frau said...

OMG isn't that the truth! Hope your weekend is relaxing and cooler!