Aug 3, 2009


Planning a dorm room tends to be mostly about storage and a cozy bed. 
We've shopped and looked at every place we can think of just trying to find some unique and creative things that wouldn't make #2's room look like a Rubbermaid store. 

It is amazing just how much stuff a girl can get into that little tiny space and then on top of that share the space with another girl that has just as much. 
#2 is so excited about her dorm room. 
She and her roommate are coordinating their bedding.
They found their comforters at Crate and Barrel earlier during the summer. 
They are mostly using the colors lime green, purple and orange with a few other colors thrown in on throw pillows.

We found her pillows at Crate and Barrel too.

We found the perfect set of  dishes for her to use in the room. 
She will probably end up eating breakfast in her room instead of trying to get up early enough to go to the cafeteria. 
I hate that I cut off the cups in the picture because they are so cute.
We need to go to Michael's and find some silk flowers for  the little vase. She thinks she wants Gerber Daisies. There is a glass lamp that you cannot see well. We are going to get some trim for the lampshade.
(All of these repairmen in our house 24/7 have really messed our decorating plans up!)

She has purple towels and a purple rug for beside her bed. 
It is hard to believe that in less than two weeks we will helping her get things set up in a college dorm room.
 I think she would go tomorrow if they'd let her! 


Joyce said...

So cute! I feel like I'm in a perpetual state of decorating dorm rooms/apts. We are driving to SC this weekend to take some of our furniture to my oldest for her apt. She's had her sister's futon in the living room for the summer but we're taking her a couch along with a kitchen table/chairs, some snack trays, a floor lamp and other assorted 'stuff'. Daughter2 is a cheerleader so thankfully gets to move in early-conveinently while we're there with the truck. We plan to drive the 12+ hours in the rental truck (UGH!), move daughter2's stuff out of the apt she's in for the summer and move our furniture into the apt then take daughter 2's stuff to her dorm. Sounds like a fun weekend doesn't it??? I haven't even told my husband that I bought window treatments for the apt. when I was there a couple weeks ago... he'll get to hang those too and that is one of his least favorite jobs. Next year daughter2 will be in an apt. and we'll get to do it all again. I'm pretty sure boys are not this much work!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

I'll second Joyce's comment about girls, but I would not trade mine for the world, and I'm sure you all would not either. LOL! I remember that first move into the dorm and the fun of getting everything co-ordinated. Everything had to be PERFECT!!! I guess that is a girl thing. This will be my daughter's second year in a house. She sublet her room to a friend for the summer, so we left her furniture, but all her personal items have to be moved back there. It took 3 cars to get the stuff home. Instead of moving her TV back again (which is old and heavy), my husband is just going to buy her a new one. How do you like that male logic? We'll be moving her back in a few weeks. I am excited for her to be a junior this year, but I am already dreading the "empty nest" again. I love my time together with her. Oh well, at least she is not too far away. Good luck getting your daughter settled. I love #2's things. They are beautiful!!! Have a great week. Love & blessings from NC!!

Betsy said...

Wow! Our lives are so similar!! Everything you have bought for your girls is super cute. I love all those bright colors! My son's name is Mark Maddox, so tell your daughter to be looking for him. He will be a sophomore.

Looking back at your posts, I see your daughter went to Jamaica. That looks exactly like the mission trip Mark went on last year. Is it Won by One? That was a special trip for him!

Thank you so much for commenting on my blog. I will be back to visit yours again!

Frau said...

Love the colors! Really fast summer seems like we were just seeing the grad party! Time flies!

preppyplayer said...

I think it is so funny that my comment is right after my sisters!
I loved helping my daughter with her dorm room, my sons couldn't have been less interested! As long as their commputer was set up, they were happy.

I think women tend to nest more, I mean I KNOW women nest more.
Good luck to her, Her room is going to be so pretty :)

Carrie B said...

That's going to look so cute. My daughter's dorm room started out so cute too and then became the usual mess, just like home! So glad we don't have to do ALL that sopping this year, just "add ons."
My son could care less but since he's in an apartment (of sorts) this year he will need a little more than just bedding. Although his standard reply is "I'll be fine." hmmm
Boys are just not that in to it!