Aug 20, 2009


It has been 5 days since we moved #2 into school and I am just now catching my breath (and recovering from my sore muscles).
We moved her into her dorm on Saturday morning. Last Thursday we moved a load of #1's stuff to her apartment and have been finishing that up slowly this week. 
I have been on the road a lot and have seen the inside of Bed Bath and Beyond more than I care to.
We've had a mild summer as far as humidity goes here, but of course Mother Nature made up for it all at once on the days we were moving furniture up four flights of stairs. It was so hot and stifling. 
I have taken sooo many pictures over the last week, it is going to take a long time to get all of the events on here.

The night before #2's big day, we went out to eat and just enjoyed some down time and time together. After we got home we took our "official "
End of Summer Pictures.

I take a picture like this every year.....
the sun going down on our summer. 
I hate this sight!

#2 and #3 with her new hairdo! I love it, but am still getting used to it!
I think she looks older... too old!

me and my girls

proud mama and daddy

Look at what I have been blessed with!

#1 and #2 go to go to rival colleges. 
#1 is a Tarheel at the University of North Carolina
#2 is now a member of the Wolfpack at North Carolina State University
Around here you are either a State fan or a Carolina fan.
We have this flag in our yard that explains everything...
we are a house divided!

Where will #3 go to school?
(I hoping for Duke!!!)

This is a (another) family tradition that we have for the last day of summer (the day it ends for us). 
As the sun goes down, we eat Nutty Buddies  on the front porch steps  and talk about all of the things we did over the summer and the school year ahead. 

This was back in 2005.
 It is the earliest picture I have on my computer, but we have been doing this since #1 went to kindergarten. I love all of the chocolate around #3's mouth. 

Nutty Buddies

No more looking back girls.... it is time to move forward!

So this is how our last night of summer went. We still had a lot to do inside, a lot of packing and organizing. #2 was so excited about Saturday and I couldn't help to be excited for her. 
I was so glad that she was happily anticipating going off to school,
even if it is just on the other side of town!

Can't wait to show you the dorm room and apartment pictures!


Carrie B said...

What beautiful girls, you ARE blessed. As a mom of 2 boys and 1 girl, I sometimes think it would have been so fun to have more than one daughter and THEN I think WOW, If one is this expensive, what would 2 or 3 be?! Yikes. :)
Have a great day.

Frau said...

I love all your traditions! You and your hubby are blessed with three great girls.

Rickrack and Pompoms said...

What a wonderful family, I have sent one off to raleigh myself and another going to Greensboro Saturday. I have one still at home. It is going to be really quiet around here. Hope all goes well for you, love your traditions.

Joyce said...

sweet pictures...this part of life really is an emotional roller coaster!

I bet you will love your time with #3 this year...she'll miss her sisters but will love all the mom time too.

Jane! said...

You are, indeed, VERY lucky.
Especially to get them all together at one time! Neat tradition!