Aug 8, 2009


We are in Charleston. 
We left Raleigh Wednesday and will be here through Sunday.
It is just over a four hour drive from our house to the middle of historic Charleston, where we are staying.
The Man of the House is here on business and we were lucky enough to be able to come along.
I have one thing to say....... 
It is HOT and HUMID!

We are braving the weather and are having fun spending some time together before school starts. 

We are staying on Church Street, right beside the market. I don't think we could be staying at a better location. It is so nice to be able to walk right out of our hotel door and be in  the middle of everything. Our hotel is right beside all of the stables where they keep the mules and donkeys that pull the carriages for the tours  and with the heat and humidity, you can certainly smell them.
We always know where our hotel is..... we just follow the smell!!

Our first day, while the MOTH was working, we walked around and browsed the many shops.
After he was finished with his meeting, he was able to come and join us as we walked around. 

We love Rainbow Row.... the area where all of the neat houses are. 

We really like being nosy and looking at all of the gardens and porches through the iron gates.
This sign was on a gate and it took us a while to figure it out.

We stumbled upon a playground and the girls had to give some of the things a try.

There wasn't anything like this when they were "little".

By this time, we were really hot. 
We wanted to cool off in the fountain like this little boy was doing.

We thought this sign was funny.

We cooled off with some gelato........

and found a grate out on the street that had cool air coming out of it.
(Look at the sweat stains showing on #3's back and my old lady shoes!  Hey, I have some serious foot issues and I went running earlier in the week and they were really hurting. My girls were not letting me live it down that I was clunking around in my big ol'shoes! )

For lunch we ate at:

We sat at the table that Jodie Foster, Patrick Ewing, and David Brenner sat at when they ate at Hyman's. There were plaques on all of the tables in the restaurant naming all of the celebrities that had been there.
Apparently it is the place to be!

We were sooo hungry and the food was sooo good!

#2 and #3 shared. 
This is before...


and  after.

The girls tried to work off some of the calories on the joggling board that was out in front of the restaurant. If only it were that easy! 
I really do want one of these for our yard at home. 
I am going to have to look into it.

Well, there will be many more pictures to post tomorrow. 
Our hotel internet connection is running very slow so I will wait until tomorrow to finish up.

#3 won at blackjack and I took the pictures to prove it!


Frau said...

Great pictures it looks so pretty there. Have a great trip!

Basement Bags Girl said...

Charleston is one of our favorite places...have fun!

Fifi Flowers said...

Looks like FUN... FAB rowhouses!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Glad you all are having fun in Charleston. We were there in June. We love Charleston too!!! Always so much to see and do there. Plus, the food is awesome. Love & blessings from NC!