Aug 24, 2009


#3's first day of school 2009
Ready for 7th grade!!

#3 got her back to school haircut last week and decided to get about five inches cut off. 
She has never had her hair this short before.
I love it, but like I said before, she looks so much older to me. 

She went back to school last week. 
She LOVES family game night and we try to have them as often as we can, but with the last few weeks being so hectic, we haven't been able to find the time or energy to play anything. So when I asked her what she wanted to do on her last night, I was not surprised when she asked to play Pictionary. It is one of our favorite games, along with Rummikub and Phase  10. We are all very competitive and sometimes our games get very loud and heated, especially if there is a timer involved! 

I am not sure what the word was that she had to draw, but evidentially she wasn't liking it...

and was having trouble with it.

#1 kept trying to sneak in hand signals and those are definitely not allowed.


The Man of the House and I pretty much clobbered them and won the game. Usually the two of us end up really mad at each other when we are partners and somehow that didn't happen this time. 
I am not sure why. Maybe we are maturing!!  

Don't feel bad for sweet little #3, the baby of the family. She is the most competitive of the family and will do anything to win. We bought the card game Rook this summer and learned to play it, but I refuse to play with anyone who sets me up and can calculate exactly what my next three moves (discards) will be before I even know myself. She is like that with every game. She is sweet though, and a rather polite girl, because she apologizes as she makes a fool out of you! 

 I wouldn't be surprised to see her on the World Poker Tour when she turns 21! 


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Frau said...

What a sweetie! I know we have game nights and my daughter is the most competitive of us. Hope she has a great 7th grade year.