Aug 29, 2009


Two weeks ago today we loaded another work borrowed truck and "hauled" #2 to college. 

("Hauled" is a word that the Man of the House uses daily and it is one that I have tried to break him of for many many years. It just irritates me to pieces everytime he uses it. Last time I checked, we live in a small city and we don't haul anything around, especially our children. )

The trip there took us all of twenty minutes. 
I know you are thinking that the fact that she is so close shouldn't make the good-bye so hard. 
I know you are thinking that the fact she is so close means we will see her all the time.
It was just as hard.
The only thing that made it easier was that the drive was too short and I didn't have that much time to really dwell on it and feel sorry for myself! I also didn't have the time to rattle off that last minute list of Do's and Don'ts and I am still regretting that.
As far as seeing her a lot, we've seen her for about an hour. She had a doctor's appointment and HAD to come home. She acted very irritated about it too! I think after the newness wears off and everybody settles into a school routine we will see her a little more often, maybe. She is in  an incredibly time consuming curriculum (Design School) and is already spending many hours in her studio on campus. She is going to have to be very disciplined and manage her time. 

This is what the foyer looked like the week before we took her to school. 
I was very glad to pack that stuff up and get it out of there!

This was the last day at home and the last minute packing.
I think Mr. Bubbles knew what was going on and didn't want her to go without him!

The morning of the big day...
dad made her some pancakes and she ate them off of the Red Plate!

Walking out of her room for the last time..... all smiles.

*****there are no words*****

We waited until this morning to remove her high school decal and put on her 
"Wolfpack Girl" one. I guess that made it official.

First order of business.....
sanitizing the mattress! 
We used almost the entire can of Lysol. The mattress had to dry before we made the bed!

This is during the process of unloading.
(very overwhelming)

#3 sat out in the hallway and put together four pieces of furniture all by herself. 
She was such a blessing to have there!

After a long days work........

she was so excited and happy with the way it turned out!

This is her sweet roommate. They met on Facebook back when they were looking for roommates and once they connected they quickly became best friends. She is so similar to #2 it is almost scary. She is from the town where I grew up and our families have many connections.

TROUBLE  x's four!

The other two girls are their suite-mates. The girl in the plum colored shirt is actually one of #2's best friends from high school. 
Like I said,
T R O U B L E!

AWWW...#2 was thinking of me!
She and her roommate had someone take their picture as they were heading out for their first day of classes! 



dee said...

Please tell me where I can buy the "If you love Southern girls" sign that is hanging in #2's dorm room. Or did she paint it herself? My daughter would love it!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

#2's room is adorable!!! It amazes me how these kids live together in those small rooms! Her things look so organized. I love the shelf over her bed. I know you love having her close by. Now try to relax a bit after moving both girls into their new places at college. Love & blessings from NC!

Preppy 101 said...

Her room is darling!! She is such a doll. I remember when I did this - I know exactly how you feel. They are soooooo excited and we are soooooo sad, but in a good way really. And she will come home more after all the newness of being away at school wears off a bit!!

Frau said...

Her dorm room turn out great! What a wonderful experience she will have.

linda said...

Your posts about moving #1 and #2 have almost made me cry because I'm living this too! Only difference is that my daughter is in another state! It's sooo hard not having her close by yet on the other hand I'm so proud of her for her independence and success. It's hard being a mom sometimes isn't it!?!

LPC said...

I love the way you set her bed up in the dorm. Right now my dining room table = your foyer a little while ago...

Carrie B said...

I'm trying to break my Hubby of "blew through that money" funny how their little quips are hard to break. Ha

P.S. Her room is so cheery, love it.