Jul 23, 2009


Another week has gone by. 
We've had a full week.
#2 had orientation at school. She is so excited about starting college in the fall. 
She is in the Design School and will be majoring in graphic design .  They only select around 155 students into the Design School each year after a long application process, interview and portfolio presentation. She got the opportunity to talk to all of her professors while we were there. 
 One day I'll have to take pictures of her portfolio and post them.

I'm dealing with a sinus infection. I don't think there is anything worse than being congested when it is so hot and humid outside. I'm looking forward to the antibiotics kicking in.

Speaking of hot and humid....
The upstairs air conditioning unit died on Monday.
It is hot as you know what up there (and it smells like a locker room). We just got a quote from a company today
and the price was astronomical! The MOTH was speechless. 
Seriously, the price is 5 numbers long and begins with a 2.
You do the math.
The unit downstairs is running constantly.  I guess it is trying to cool the upstairs too. I am certain it is going to  breakdown due to being overworked. 

#1 and I have been walking and going to the gym as much as we can. 
I haven't be able to go at all this week because of being so congested. 
We've been going to a spin class at our gym.  Have you ever done a spin class? 
That is some serious business. They do not play in there. 
I am just glad they turn the lights off so nobody can see me cheating!

This is a picture of #1 getting home from our walk one day last week. 
I remember those days of having thighs that looked like that. 
I keep telling my girls that keeping their "body" is a lot easier that trying to get it back.
So I encourage/nag them to keep some kind of workout regimen now that they are older.
I sure wish someone would have told/nagged me. 

We love to sit around the pool in the evenings. 
It is really hard for the MOTH to keep his eyes open. 

Here's #3 posing and swimming all at the same time. 

#1 is on an adult coed soccer team this summer. She has a game tonight and we are going to see it. I haven't seen her play soccer in over a year and I can't wait. 
It'll be just like old times!


Pearls To Hide My Neck said...

I certainly feel for you! We had to replace ours a couple of years ago and it REALLY made me physically sick! If I'm going to spend that kind of money, I want something fabulous to show for it.
Our built in subzero is on it's last leg and I started looking around to see how much it would be to replace it. (18 years old) $7500 is a low end estimate. UGH! There goes my hardwood floors.
Good luck with it all!

Bridget said...

Lisa I'm glad I found your blog...I spent some time looking at back posts and LOVE Your house and LOVE your garden or what it use to be :( darn deer's...and your girls are BEAUTIFUL!!! You seem like such a fun mom and it's so nice to see a mom blog about her older daughters too:) I also love the advice you give us moms who are still raising little ones:)

LPC said...

Oh gosh. I love those photos. Here in CA air conditioning is optional. Phew. I'd rather spend my money on purses. And shoes. And still couldn't get to that kind of number...