Sep 10, 2009


I volunteered to chaperone a fieldtrip for the seventh grade at #3's school BEFORE I knew what time they planned on leaving.
We had to be at the school at 6:00 AM - which meant we had to leave our house at 5:40 - which meant I had to get up before five.
I am still trying to recover!

We went to Grandfather Mountain in the North Carolina mountains.
It was a 3 1/2 drive.
It was a long 3 1/2 hour drive on a bus loaded with 12 and 13 year old girls.

You would think that since it was so early, they would all want to sleep.
They sang.
They sang that Miley Cyrus song, Party in the USA.
Someone was nice enough to print off the lyrics and pass them out.
You know how it goes.....

Noddin’ my head like yea
 Movin my hips like yea 
I got my hands up,
 They’re playin my song
 I know im gonna be ok 
Yea, It's a party in the USA Yea, It's a party in the USA 

(I tried to post a video that I took on my camera of them singing at the top of their lungs here, but I can't seem to figure that out.
When I did this, the fonts all changed sizes along with the spacing. ??????)

There was a lot of posing going on too!

Going up the mountains in a bus was a bit much for me. Add to that,
it was foggy and we couldn't see where we were going.

There were a lot of queasy stomachs that were glad when we finally made it.

Once we got to Grandfather Mountain,
we had to drive up even a steeper mountain with one hairpin turn after the other.

Now that our stomachs were ALL acting up, it was lunch time. (MMMMM YUM!)
After that, we separated into our little groups and had an itinerary  to follow.
Not every group did the same thing, some groups were shuttled up to the main attraction,
the mile high swinging bridge. Other groups had to hike up to it. 
My group drew the short straw.....we were hikers!!

The fog was so thick it felt like rain....
so much for my hair. This was when I was wishing I didn't use all that hairspray! 

Our hike ended at the base of the bridge. Right when we got to it,
of course, the wind started blowing, black clouds rolled in and the thunder began (but it was off in the distance).

We figured out why it is called a swinging bridge.....
it really does swing, especially during a thunderstorm.
I am such a good chaperone.... look at those girls standing on that metal bridge!!

Did you know that a metal mile high swinging bridge is very slippery
when it is wet!!

I did tell them to hold on..... or else!!!

How exactly do you avoid a storm and high winds on Grandfather Mountain?
You pack into the tiny, hot and muggy gift shop and stand there for forty- five minutes...

and you listen to the girls squeal every time they hear lightening and you watch the boys sneak and buy
energy drinks and chug them like they are at a frat party.
This was when I was glad that I was chaperoning the "squealers" instead of the "chuggers".
The vision of a 3 1/2 hour bus ride home with a bunch of hyper boys didn't sound as entertaining as the "Miley Cyrus Wanna Be's"!

The storm finally passed.
We made it down the mountain and back to the lodge just in time for a riveting lecture on the history of Grandfather Mountain....wet blue jeans and all.

Right before we left, we were able to walk through the animal habitats.
Look who was hungry!

Now, just a 3 1/2 hour bus ride home!!

And yes, they were singing that song again!!!

Noddin’ my head like yea 
Movin my hips like yea
 I got my hands up, 
They’re playin my song I know im gonna be ok
 Yea, It's a party in the USA Yea, It's a party in the USA 

Oh, this just looks like a big mess.
Everytime I try to correct things it just makes it worse. Sorry! 
I'm not going to try to post a video again until I do some practicing!!
If you have any hints for me, email me!



Frau said...

OMG I don't know if you drink but I think I'd be in a corner with a bottle of something rocking back and forth! Great pictures!

linda said...

Wow, what a looooong day you must have had...but good thing you were with the "squealers" and not the "chuggers!"

I think you deserve a hot bubble bath tonight...and a nice glass of wine!

A Mom on Spin said...

You would never gotten me anywhere near the hiking, the mile-high bridge, the bears, or the energy-chugging boys!

In fact, I'm sure I would have overslept to begin with!

Joyce said...

oh wow, which part wouldn't I like the most? Probably the bus ride-I'd be the chaperone who'd have to lay down and let the kids go on without me because I was car sick.

Some day I may blog about a trip I chaperoned to Disney with middle school choir kids. It was back in 2000 and I'm almost over it. My husband still hates it when someone mentions Disney or field trips and I launch into the retelling. It was painful. One of the little darlins in my group spent all her money the first day (we were on a 5 day trip) and her roomie Naired her eyebrows-7th grader no less. I could go on and on but I'll spare you the details.

Glad you all are home safe and sound.