Sep 16, 2009


We went to the NC State football game last Saturday.
It was military appreciate night.
We have several military bases in North Carolina and many members of the military were at the game. Before the game started two sky divers landed on the field with the game ball. It was such an awesome sight.
Everyone was on their feet cheering.
The hair on my arms stood at attention..... I got goose bumps.

Members of the military unveiled an American flag that was the size of the football field while the band played during halftime.
(more goose bumps)

We have season tickets outside down in the lower section, but my husband's company has one of those swanky boxes up top that comes in handy when it is hot, cold or rainy out (or if we get hungry!). We have access to it most games. During the second half we went up to say hello and to see what kind of cookies they were serving. HA!

This is the view from way up there.

Man of the House, #3 , and a friend wasted no time and were perusing the buffet line.
After all of the tail gating.....eating......before the game, I don't know how they were even able to look at the food.

There is another game this weekend, but it is supposed to rain!
I know where I will be sitting!


Joyce said...

oh this is fun! It's great to have access to the box in bad weather.

It rained here yesterday and is raining today. I'm hoping it passes so we have some sunshine Saturday. We've psyched ourselves up to sand and re-stain our outdoor teak furniture...a horrible horrible job. I'm afraid if it rains we'll never get it done.

Beth Dunn said...

That is quite the view! And what a beautiful family you have xx

Frau said...

What a great time! Nice to have the box option especially when the weather is bad. Have a great weekend.

odomfamilyfun said...

We have had sky divers before our games & they deliver the 'game ball' & I just love it! We are Southern Mississippi fans (though in a lot of our pics my husband has on an Ole Miss shirt--he went to law school there, but we are die hard Southern Miss fans).
We are heading to a game tomorrow & it is forcasted to rain all day--yuck! praying it will hold off! Love football season :)