Sep 15, 2009


I got a phone call from #1 Sunday night saying that she was coming home Monday after class to spend the night and she was bringing some sorority friends. (It is so great that she is only thirty minutes away!) They had a project that they needed some help with.
Rush is over at her school and Bid Day was last Friday. Now every week for the next month,
the older members have to make and decorate gifts for their "little buddies". All of the new members of #1's sorority are showered with gifts at the weekly orientation meetings.

They planned on having a craft/movie night at our house, but H1N1 and other stomach viruses are going through the school and especially the sorority. The two other girls ended up being sick and not being able to come.
That was too bad, because I was looking forward to cooking them dinner and having them here.

This week, #1 had to decorate notebooks and bulletin boards.

After we dropped #3 off at soccer practice, we headed to the fabric store to pick out fabric and ribbon. The cork boards were decorated to match the rooms of the girls that will be getting them.

Here is how they turned out!

It was such an easy project, I might have to start making them for #3 to give as birthday gifts!
I am also thinking about making seasonal ones to hang in my laundry room and pantry.
I need a place to hang up weekly schedules and reminders, instead on junking up my counter tops.

As #1 left this morning she told me she would be back next week (maybe with friends)........
we have coolers to decorate!



Love Being a Nonny said...

LOVE these!! Don't forget to show us the coolers when they are done!

Frau said...

They turned out so good. Great idea for it. Can't wait to see how the coolers turn out.

Joyce said...

These are cute! My girls got similar boards from their 'bigs' when they pledged. I'd love to see the coolers too. Do your girls have to decorate coolers for their dates for fraternity functions? That is some kind of racket the boys created : )

Did your younger daughter join a sorority? Where my girls are they don't have rush until January so it's not too crazy yet.

Basement Bags Girl said...

Love those! (especially the ribbon!) Thanks for sharing

Preppy 101 said...

Darling!! xoxo

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

My daughter is involved with Rush now in her sorority. Bid day is this weekend!! She rushed last year, so she is so excited about getting her "little" this fall too. I love those bulletin boards. and ribbon on the bulletin board? Any tips you could share would be greatly appreciated. My daughter made a lot of her gifts over the summer, but will make more things, as soon as she knows her her "little" is. Love & blessings from NC!