Sep 21, 2009


Okay, so I thought I'd show you where all of the House Budget is going this year.

I really wanted to redo our office and turn it into something that looks like this:

or I'd even settle for something like this:

but it is not going to happen now.

We have dues to pay!!

Last week both of my girls were going through Rush at their schools. They both looked exhausted when they came home over the weekend. I am hoping that now it is all over, they will settle into a regular school routine and study a little.

#2 is now a Zeta. She was so excited to get a bid from her first choice.
They have a great house and have a lot of exciting things on the calendar.
Her first mixer is on Thursday. It is a themed one called the ABC Party
Everyone has to dress up as someone/something that starts with same letter as their first name.
#2's first name starts with a B.
All weekend long we brainstormed and made a list of all of the possibilities.
She thinks she is gong to go as a in Harley Davidson Biker.
Some of her other choices are a ballerina, Barbie or to dress up like the Brooks Brothers with another "B" girl. Thursday is along time from now so I am sure she will change her mind several times by then.
(any ideas?)

This is their house.
She says it is really neat inside and I cannot wait until I get to go check it out!

This how they decorated the dining area for Bid Day.
It was a preppy jungle theme.

bid day dinner...

the new pledge class...

#2 on the left and her roommate and suite mate ready for a rush event
They all three got bids for the same sorority and are really excited about that.

#1 Rushed last year and is a member of AXO at her school. So she was on the inside of all of the discussions and planning this year. So much time goes into each house getting everything just right. They practiced for months on their skits and dances. After each day of rush, they stayed at the house and cleaned and decorated it for the next day's theme. Sometimes it took all night. It payed off for them though. They got a great pledge class.

Her is #1 and her "Big". They were in a skit on this night and had to wear a western themed outfit.

this is #1's pledge class
(they feel so much older now that they aren't the newcomers!)

They took the new pledges out on the town in limos on Bid Day
and went midnight bowling.
I am yawning just thinking about how late these girls stay up!
I do not know how they do it!

#1 and her Little Buddy

They don't have "Bigs" and "Littles" yet.
I think they wait until the orientation meetings are over in a month and then reveal who each of the new pledges' "Bigs" are.
Of course, they look for any excuse to have a party!
They're young and can handle it.
It just tuckers me out thinking about it all.

So, no new office for me.

(I'm not really mad!)

I have dues to pay, formal dresses to buy, Harley Davidson paraphernalia to get
and so on. Oh, and just like last week, I think I see plenty of craft projects in my future!


Joyce said...

so funny to read this today...just this weekend my husband and I were going through the budget and I had to remind him that I just sent the girls $$$ for their semester dues. We paid monthly when I was in school and I guess it's easier to just collect the whole big chunk but yikes! And that first year there's all the additional stuff like the pin, initiation fees, etc...

Congratulations to your is so much fun! I guess we kept those kind of hours too but just the thought of it now makes me want to go have a nice long nap : )

Frau said...

Sorry an office sounds wonderful maybe you can do low budget and upgrade down the road? Or it can be your Christmas, Birthday, Valentines and Mother's day gift oh and Anniversary!! Just a thought!

Carrie B said...

Just arrived home from dropping off My Kappa Girl at school and one of the last things she said to us was . . . Oh, and I need a check for dues. Bother.

Your girls seem to making the most of their college experience. Yay!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

My daughter is a Kappa Delta and I just sent the big check for the dues too. Yikes!!! No new office for me either. LOL! My daughter had so much fun with being a part of the planning for Rush this year and seeing who their girls would be. She is pooped, but they had an awesome time with recruitment. She went to National Convention in Orlando this summer too and that was so much fun!! She loves being in a Sorority as I'm sure your girls do too. Love & blessings from NC!

Love Being a Nonny said...

I loved this post!! Love seeing how they decorate and how creative they are. Keep sharing! By the way, your girls are beautiful!

MCW said...

Your girls are just adorable!

kanishk said...

it can be your Christmas, Birthday, Valentines and Mother's day gift oh and Anniversary!! Just a thought!
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