Sep 3, 2009


Don't you love a pair of red shoes?
I got these this week (on sale!!).

It is so nice outside - blue skies, breezy, sunshine and NO humidity!
I sat out on the patio with my red shoes on and just vegged for awhile.
We have a wedding to go to this weekend and I might just have to rethink what I was planning on wearing so that I can wear them!

I am wearing red in honor of the first NC State football game of the season.
It is tonight!

NC State is playing the Gamecocks of South Carolina here in Raleigh.
It is a big game.
I am not going.
The Man of the House is.

We have season tickets, we've had them for years. We have seats and tailgate with a lot of friends.
It is a big deal.

Things have changed for us since #2 has gone off to college (to NC State - I might add).
She is no longer here to stay home with #3.
#3 is too old for a babysitter, but
someone needs to stay home with her because it is a school night, she has homework, and needs to go to bed before we would get home.
That someone would be me.
I would feel guilty if I didn't.
I love her and wouldn't do anything less than what is the best for her.

I just watched the Man of the House load up the car and I believe he was whistling the fight song.
I am not liking this new arrangement.

And yes, #2 is going to the game tonight too. She is sitting in the student section......
that feels so weird to me.

The game is on ESPN and that female sportscaster that was secretly taped with no clothes on while in a hotel room is making her "comeback". She is going to be right there on the sidelines
standing just like this......

I hope they ALL have a great time!



Joyce said...

I definitely do love a pair of red shoes...those are great! Since you're not going to the game I'd just wear them around the house all night. It will surely make you feel better.

Life does shift doesn't it? I just ordered something to be delivered to my daughter's dorm next week for her birthday (cake, flowers, balloons, etc)'s very odd not to be with her on her birthday. Not sure it's as weird for her as for me : )

She got to film a commercial today that will air in the Carolinas and a couple of other states (not mine of course)...if you see Furman Cheerleaders in a football themed commercial the very adorable blonde one is mine.

You'll find a new normal pretty will take a while. I definitely haven't found mine yet.

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Love your red shoes. I don't even have a pair right now, but I used to have a pair that were my favorites. I enjoyed them so much, I wore them out! Go State!!! I will be pulling for them tonight. Sorry you don't get to go to the game. Hopefully the next game will be on Saturday. Your daughter will love rooting for her team in the student section. It will be WILD, but won't they have fun tonight!!!!! Have a great holiday weekend. Love & blessings from NC!

Bridget said...

if you were my mom I would so steal those from your closet!

Carrie B said...

Those are so cute. Love red shoes!

Sad for you to be missing the big game but I know how that goes. I don't even like leaving Mr. 17 on his own, even though he doesn't mind a bit. It's the Mom in us.

And I would totally wear them to the wedding if I were you.

I'm just sayin'

Betsy said... and I are doing the exact same thing tonight!! Sitting at home while our hubbies are at that game!! No fair! :)

For some reason, I just figured out that you lived in Raleigh. At least your daughter at State isn't too far away!!!

Betsy said...

Oopss...I forgot to tell you that your red shoes are sooooo cute!!

Betsy said...

I went to Carolina and Steve went to State, so we are also divided that way, too!

Mark is doing great! He loves it so far. I wish he could have lived on campus, but he is making the best of it and getting involved as much as possible.

Have a great weekend! Mark and Laura are coming home, so I'm excited! :)

Frau said...

Love the red shoes! Every girl needs red shoes....I need a new pair. Hope your team won. I miss watching our college team play. We are in a world where Football is really soccer! Have a wonderful labor day weekend.

preppyplayer said...

Love those red shoes:) Great pic. It won't be long before you are back at the games...
Enjoy the wedding!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Sorry your team had a bad outcome last night. As a Clemson person I was REALLY pulling for your guys against USC. USC is icky!

odomfamilyfun said...

We are very much a football (tailgate) family. We got a last minute babysitter last night and my husband and I were able to go kid free for the day! It was great though I'm not sure exactly how I'll feel going kid free when the kid that belongs to me is in the student section---I just can't even think about it ;)
LOVE the red shoes!!!

Basement Bags Girl said...

Great shoes! Better luck to State in next game!