Mar 31, 2009


I am finally getting back into the swing of things. Last week my house was turned upside down because painters were here. I was held hostage, didn't really feel like I could get out and do anything. I know the lady who paints for us, but she had two new helpers with her and if felt a little creepy leaving them in my  house. I don't know about you but when I  have strangers working in my  house I don't get anything I want  to do done. I ended up doing a lot of "spring laundry" and no blogging.  I washed bathroom rugs, shower curtains, mattress pads and so on. 

I also was sweating my paint colors and wanted to see them as they were going up. I LOVE color and choosing browns was hard for me to do. I know brown is a color and I like it, but I was having a hard time saying good-bye to my greens and reds. The family room and dining room were both painted. 

I really like how they both turned out. I am still working on windows and getting art work back on the walls. I am just trying to freshen up things without completely redoing. 

Here are a few pictures of the dining room:
I was totally sweating bullets about painting the ceiling. 
It is dark, but it isn't as top heavy as the pictures make it seem.
It just adds some drama.

I chose dark brown for the family room. 
It was the only color in the rug that I was interested in repeating.
There isn't a lot of wall space in this room either. 


So what else is new here? I feel out of the loop and haven't kept up with blogging or blog friends. I have some catching up to do and can't wait to read what everyone has been up to. I also can't wait to read what everyone has been buying for spring. It has been painful "house sitting".  I hadn't stepped into a store in two weeks until yesterday. I had a few errands to run and actually got to see the inside of a Target! I just stood there and took it all in. 

I also went to Ulta. If you don't have one of these stores you are really missing out. It is like a Sophora, full of great make-up and perfume. But Ulta also carries just about every brand of hair product you can name. We were down to using hotel freebies the past couple of days and the hormones were all acting up in everyone, so we have been all cranky about our hair. Remember, this is house of four girls with lots and lots of hair, and we don't take our shampoos lightly. 

Do you have something you splurge on? I guess I would have to say that mine is my shampoo and other hair products. I use Pureology's Pure Volume Shampoo. It costs $28.99.
Isn't that awful! I promise, there is nothing else out there that works for me. I also don't use conditioner so that helps justifying the price a little.

 I have a lot of hair but it is super fine and heavy,  and if there is one thing that I cannot stand is my hair being flat. If I don't use this shampoo, my hair is completely lifeless and separates into strings in no time. I don't know about you, but if my hair is crappy, I am crabby! 



I feel better now that I've actually established contact with my blog. I have some "tags" that I need to get to and will do that tomorrow. Thank you, I am not ignoring them!  Sorry for the delay!


Frau said...

Welcome back! I think the paint colors are great! And you have to feel good getting all the spring laundry done that is huge. everybody has there vises sounds like Shampoo is yours. I have bad hair so if I found a shampoo that worked I would spend whatever just so my hair looked good. Have a great week!

Basement Bags Girl said...

I love the painted ceiling! Thanks for the well wishes. It's back to work for me tomorrow.

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

I love your new paint colors. They are beautiful!!! I am like you, I love color, but I need to repaint some of the rooms in my house and I am thinking of more neutral shades this time for some of the rooms. Your pictures were beautiful. Love & blessings from NC!