Mar 4, 2009


I am so tired today. I could not sleep last night. I guess I should say I couldn't fall back asleep after I woke up at 2:00. Bubbles and I ended up on the couch.

 We have the best sleeping couch! It is very deep so it feels (almost) like a bed. I usually don't have any problems sleeping on the couch but last night was a nightmare. I am having some problems with my hip or upper thigh. I think I have pulled something in there. So much so, I cannot not lay on my left side because it hurts when I do. Sitting for a long time hurts too!  (That is why the long plane ride was so miserable.) I am a left side sleeper and I guess while I am asleep I roll onto my left side and it wakes me up. (growl!!) There is nothing more frustrating than tossing and turning at night. 


#1 is coming home for spring break on Friday!!! It will be nice to have all of my little ducks under one roof for a week. 

my little ducks

At first she made plans to go to Clearwater Beach with some friends for spring break. The Man of the House and I sort of nixed the trip when we heard how many kids were going. The plans were for 28 of them to go and rent a house. There was no way we were going along with that! Nothing good can come from that many college kids under one roof for an entire week!! We also told her we wouldn't pay for the trip and she would have to take money out of her account for it. That was no big deal to her because the house was only going to be around $200 for each person and she worked all last summer and put most of her money in the bank. She was ready to spend it!  She didn't think about all of the other expenses that add up.  When we started listing the other things that she was going to have to pay for, her priorities suddenly changed. She hadn't thought about food, gas, the new clothes she would want....

Now she is coming home for most of the week. She and a few friends are going to the beach (NC) for a few days and stay at one of her friend's beach cottage. THAT I can handle. I might even pay for it!!! 

$$$ I am sure she already has shopping plans for us$$$

Her sorority has already decided on the matching outfits they will wear in the fall during bid week. They have "outfit checks" after spring break to make sure everyone is matching. (You wouldn't believe what they chose.) I think its just a ploy to get some new clothes out of all of the parents!  You gotta love those sorority girls! Ha Ha! 

"I went to college to get an education.
 I went to a sorority to get my bridesmaids."

*****OUR SNOW DAY*****

#3 threw snowballs against the house to get #2 to come outside


Jane! said...

Your ducks are dang cute!
I was wondering.... at $200 each for 28 people.... were they renting the house or buying it?
I hope that leg thing feels better soon.

Preppy 101 said...

OH I remember when PD was in college and the ordeal of getting all the outfits together for Rush | Recruitment. I mean she had to have things for around 4 or 5 nights! She would get fabric swatches in the mail all summer to make sure everyone matched, etc. So fun for them!! Hope you feel better!!

Frau said...

You have beautiful ducks! Sorry about your injury maybe time to see a doc? Or get some sleeping pills! Good idea to nix the 28 people trip nothing good can come from that many people is right! Enjoy having all your girls home together, sounds like alot of fun.