Mar 17, 2009


How's your day going? 
Mine started off in an interesting way. 

We have a landscaper come and prune our Crape Myrtles (trees) and other taller trees once a year. It isn't something we couldn't do ourselves, but lets face it, we wouldn't get to it until June and they need to be pruned NOW. The yard crew was suppose to be here Wednesday. 

There is a big Crape Myrtle outside of our bedroom/bathroom. It is growing against our house. 
I was in the shower, minding my own business and had a head full of shampoo. 
The bathroom has shutters covering the lower half of the windows. The top of the windows are open. 

#3 is demonstrating my exact location
(this is her, three years ago, in my bathroom before we painted)
The tree is outside of the windows, against the house. 

Something moved and caught my eye, I thought it was Bob the Blue Bird that sits outside my window.


Nope, it was a Juan.
Juan on a tall ladder!
I could see all of Juan so I know he could see all of me depending which way he was facing!
 Glad to see Juan's back was to me and not his front.

Good thing I had some caffeine in me. I was alert and not in a fog or slow moving. I hit the shower floor, turned off the water, cracked open the shower door, pulled a towel in through the tiny crack, wrapped the towel around me, waited for just the right moment..... and crawled out of the shower, across my bathroom floor and into my closet. 

It would have been alright if I didn't have a good lather still going on, on the top of my head. 
So now what?
I put on some sweats  (no undergarments and still wet...ick!!). After checking out Juan's location and position, I flew upstairs (undercover cop style) to the bathroom that has no windows and got back in the shower to rinse out my hair. 

Now, I am dressed and all the trees are pruned,
but I just discovered that I have one shaved leg and one fuzzy one. 
That will have to wait for tomorrow.


Preppy 101 said...

Oh my gosh!! So glad that his back was to the window, too! Glad you had that clever plan of action!

Frau said...

OMG so funny a peeping Juan! I love that you ninja crawled into the closest, quite the picture!

Love Being a Nonny said...

Peeping it!! That was too funny!!! I can just picture you crawling out of the shower!!! Thanks for bringing a smile to my face. Now, just bring some sunshine to NC!!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

That was too funny! Glad things worked out OK, other than your unshaved leg. LOL! Never a dull minute, is there? Have a great week and enjoy the sunshine. Love & blessings from NC!

odomfamilyfun said...

That is too funny! Now I will be paraniod to ever have windows in my bathroom :) haha
Love your blog!

Somer Love said...

Hilarious! What a great story.. i can't just picture you crawling into the closet with suds on your head :)