Mar 2, 2009


We woke up to about three inches of snow this morning! #2 was thrilled that school was canceled. She missed the entire week while we were gone and she "needed" and snow day today? Senioritis had struck!!! I guess she has a right to  feel underwhelmed about school! While we were in Hawaii, she got good news. She was accepted into The School of Design at NC State! She went to interview and to present her portfolio mid February. (I'll have to post some pictures of her portfolio.) She felt like it went really well, but since the graphic design department  only accepts 24 students each year, it was still a long shot. All of her hard work has paid off! 

I am really missing Cleo today. She really loved the snow! Every time I glance out side and see something move I think it is her. It is sad to see #3 out there playing by herself. She looks lonely. I think I am going have to bundle up and get out there with her.


Frau said...

Wow congrats to your daughter that is so awesome, nice to see hard work pay off. Sorry you are missing your pup...I can't imagine, hang in there!

Jill Hatch-Fong said...

Hi Lisa-
I am so sorry that I did not read your comment on my blog until this morning. :( I would have loved to given you some island pointers. I looked at your blog though and it looks like you did pretty well on your own. I am sorry you guys were here on a cold week. The weather here is crazy in the winter! Please take care and let me know if you come back anytime soon! Aloha

Preppy 101 said...

Congrats to your daughter!! And so sorry that you had that sad moment this a.m. Broke my heart for you. Did you go out and play?? xoox

Basement Bags Girl said...

Great blog! As the mother of daughters I relate to your life! Congrats to students are all excited about getting their acceptances and they all have terrible Senioristis!