Mar 23, 2009


This is how my birthday started!!!

11:35 I get into bed. MOTH already asleep and snoring. I kindly nudge him to turn over. 

12:35 I'm still awake. MOTH still snoring. Nudge him, and it ain't kindly.

1:30'ish: MOTH gets up to use the restroom and I promise you he starts snoring before his                         head hits the pillow when he gets back in bed.

2:00 EARPLUGS!!! Me, not him!

3:30  I awake to........ a weird gurgling/snoring sound. Nudge.

4:00 Bubbles the cat is looking really ticked off by now and is contemplating attacking MOTH.             I egg him on. 

6:15 I am in the kitchen in a fog. Open and shut the fridge several times trying to remember               what I am looking for. Turn in circles, look in cabinets......MOTH just getting up.

6:35 MOTH comes into the kitchen.
         MOTH:" You look tired. You don't look like you slept well." (What gave it away, the                                       suitcases under my eyes?)
         ME: " I didn't. I didn't sleep well at all. "
         MOTH: " I know how you feel.  I didn't either."
         ME:  Silence....... if looks could kill!!!!!

(I tried to fix the spacing.....not sure what is going on????)


Now I am off to the paint store to buy paint for my den and dining room because the painter is coming tomorrow.  I am undecided on my color in the dining room. I spent all last week going back and forth to paint store and I have painted  little swatches all over the walls in different shades of light brown. Anymore sampling and the walls would be completely covered like a quilt. I wish I would have called someone to help me. I have never had such a difficult time picking out a color. I LOVE color and am not afraid of putting it on the walls, but I am being held "hostage" by the colors that are in the rug.  I am very nervous!! I am going with a mocha color and am thinking about painting the ceiling darker for "drama". I'm worried that there isn't going to be any color in the room and that the furniture is just going to fade into the wall.  (Does that make since?) Oh well, it is just a can of paint and a afternoon! It can be fixed if I hate it! 

The green is 10 years old so it is time for it to go.
 It has never really matched the rug (3 years old) .
I just sort of faked it.

         new color... is it color???
I think it appears a little darker in this picture.

This is kind of the look I am trying for except all of my walls will be painted. 


Frau said...

Happy Birthday! too funny I have that same conversation several times a week!Enjoy your day!

linda said...

Just stopping by and thought I'd leave a comment...hope you don't mind.

I seriously could have written this post myself...from the insane amount of snoring that goes on in my house to the green dining room walls.

I never thought I'd be in a marriage where each person had their own bedroom...well we're on our way I tell ya!

We're in the process of updating our house right now and the new carpet we had installed last week doesn't match my beautiful green walls that I've loved for the last 4-5 years. Hubby says they match just fine but seriously "what do they know!" I'm now on the hunt for a nice neutral brown color or possibly a golden color...I think!?! Please post pictures of your new color when it's done. I'm sooo curious!

Jane! said...

I think the color looks great with the rug. I'm not the best judge, tho, because I have trouble too. I guess this means I will have to paint my green dining room too?

If you find a cure for that spacing problem, let me know!

Somer Love said...

Happy Bday!!!

Snoring is the worst!!!! Try those breathe right strips!

Basement Bags Girl said...

Happy Tuesday! You have been tagged...this is my first time, hope I did it right.