Mar 6, 2009


We are expecting some wonderful weather this weekend and I cannot wait. #3 will be coming home this weekend (sometime today) and it will be nice to get outside and enjoy the sun. Tonight The Man of the House and I have plans to go out to dinner with friends to a newer restaurant called Brio, Italian Grill. We've been there a few times and it is really good.

 After that, we are going to a  hockey game. Yes, believe it or not, NC has a professional hockey team, the Carolina Hurricanes. "We" even won the Stanley Cup a few years ago. I was there for the game and it was one of the most exciting things I have ever experienced.

 What is really funny is that us southerners have turned the hockey games into a tailgating event. When the Canadian teams and their fans come here to play they are intrigued by the parties, grills, Cornhole games, matching tents, chairs and table clothes.....  The year that we won the Stanley Cup, the Edmonton fans were taking pictures and there were even reporters from Edmonton doing stories about tailgating. How funny!

I hope to get a little yard work done this weekend. I have got to cut my Knockout Roses back THIS WEEKEND. I am so glad that it is almost time to get out there and plant flowers. I love planting flower pots. I start out each year saying I am only going to plant a few and then I end up with too many.... too many to keep watered. I especially cannot wait to plant (and eat) my Basil and Cilantro. I plant them first so that I can start enjoying them as soon as possible. 

I guess I've got a little spring fever! 
I am so ready for it!!
I'm ready for...

I am meeting with a painter this morning. We are getting ready to do a some minor "redoing" to a couple of rooms. I am not getting furniture or anything, just changing the the colors of some rooms downstairs. It is amazing what changing the wall color will do for a room. The walls in my den are burgundy and I want to paint them a rich dark brown.

(this is suppose to be showing the walls, but it is really a picture of #3" rug surfing" at Christmas time!)

 Brown has been the "in" color for a while now and I am a little afraid it is too late to start putting it on the walls. What do you think? I am limited to new color choices because of the colors in my rug and I am not getting a new one. 



Frau said...

I love a rich brown I think it will look amazing! Have a great weekend!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

I love a rich brown color on the walls. That will be beautiful. Enjoy your time with your daughter being home. I am excited to get outside too this weekend, after the rain, cold and snow of this past week. Have fun!
My daughter got home Thursday night. Love & blessings!

Jane! said...

I was reading that grays are the new in colors. Ugh! I don't consider gray to be a color.
I still love brown. I say go for it.

Joyce said...

Enjoy your daughter's visit-so great to have them home!

The brown paint will be very pretty I think.

I grew up outside of Philadelphia and for all four years of highschool sat next to the son of the Flyers coach in homeroom. Alpahbetical order : ) Your tailgaiting story is cute, so Southern. I'm southern at heart! and married to a Tennessee boy. Cheers...Joyce