Mar 14, 2009


Where did the week go? 
I haven't been still all week.
 My computer sat patiently waiting for me on the dining room table,
and I thought this morning I'd do some catching up.

Week in Review
#1 came home for spring break. We spent some time shopping for the things she needs for her sorority's bid week. She has to have a plain black sleeveless cocktail dress. We found and bought two at TJ Maxx because they were such good deals. One is a J Crew and it was all of  $20!!! She left Wednesday to go to the beach with a few friends. She will be back this afternoon. 

#2 had her 18th birthday! She went out to dinner one night with her friends and then the next night we had what we call our "Family Birthday". We went shopping, she opened gifts and then went to the restaurant of her choice. She chose The Angus Barn, which is a landmark here. It literally is a barn inside and out. 

(a family birthday tradition for us/ holding a sign of how old you are)

(they give you a Lemon Pound Cake for your b'day)

the cheddar cheese dip...
Tales From My Empty Nest, this picture is from you

The Crud! 
Sick of being sick! 

Someone has been sick constantly in this house all week long!!!! I was first to have a fever, headache and sore throat. BUT you know how it is when you are a mom, you just put your head down and keep on going. I just went to bed early and slept  in a few days. I drank a lot of hot tea and told everybody to stay away form me. Thank goodness it was a short lived virus. The bad part is you are left with a lot of crud. I feel fine now, just can't stop coughing. Guess who had a fever and headache in this picture!! I couldn't figure out why she kept rubbing and closing her eyes while I was trying to take a few birthday pictures. 

#2 has her Winter Formal tonight. If you live in the south you know that it is sooooo nasty outside this weekend. It is expected to rain all day and night. Yuck! I feel so sorry for all of the girls in their dresses and after spending so much time on their hair and makeup. I am afraid it is a lost cause. #2 asked me if their group could take pictures at our house before going to dinner. There are 22 people in her group and we are the only house that can acomodate that many plus parents. We have a big front porch and wide steps and the pictures always turn out nicely when we take them here. Well, with the weather being so cold and nasty we have to move things inside. I spent the whole day yesterday cleaning and moving furniture in the family room. No matter how I move the furniture around I don't think we will get everyone in the same picture. 

I don't know how I am going to pull this one off. I am guessing that most parents will come too so there is going to be a lot of people in one area. I have a horrible feeling it is going to be a chaotic mess! #2's date is coming early, so at least I will get some good pictures of them before the circus begins. On top of that, I am worried about all of the cars and people parking on my neighbor's grass. If it is raining....I'm not going out there!! (The Man of the House can't help, he is out of town with #3.)

I am missing #3's soccer tournament in South Carolina. (Actually I am glad I don't have to stand in the rain all weekend!) #3 and TMOTH left this morning and won't be home until Sunday night. I feel so bad for missing her play, but someone needed to stay home with #2 to help her get ready for the dance, and dad doesn't do hair and makeup!

I need to go wake up #2 and get her moving. We have few things to do to  the house to get it ready and we have to go pick up the boutonniere. 

After everyone leaves tonight, I will post pictures. Can't wait to see #2 all dressed up!!


Darla said...

your girls are so pretty! Love the tradition of the birthday sign! Great idea!

Preppy 101 said...

What beautiful daughters!! I know what you mean about the weather. I have been hearing the rain since last night! Can't wait to see your pictures!! xoxo

Love Being a Nonny said...

Your girls are the cowboy boots!!!! can't wait to see the pictures from tonight!!!

Frau said...

Crazy week! I hope you are feeling better! And Happy Birthday # 2!
You have beautiful daughters wow! I hope tonight goes off without problems. Can't wait to see pictures.

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Yes, my daughter and I love that cheese dip from the Angus Barn. I have got to get down there and get some and also those yummy crackers. I know you are so proud of your beautiful daughters. Loved all your pictures!!!
Love & blessings from NC!